Best and worst college majors

For those of you who are in college and haven’t yet decided on a major, this article from Kiplinger gives the ten best college majors in terms of salaries and employment opportunities:

10 Best College Majors for a Lucrative Career (

As I’ve stated in an earlier post, majors can’t define the entirety of who we are. We have interests and experiences in a variety of areas, and a major only accounts for one of them. So I hope that employers don’t judge applicants primarily by their major, but instead by their achievements and qualifications that are pertinent to that job.

Kiplinger also includes a list of the worst college majors:  Worst College Majors for Your Career (

So what do you do if your desired major falls on the worst list?

You could study a more practical subject in conjunction with that major. Become a double major, or a major in one subject and have a minor/concentration in another. You might not enjoy the more practical subject as much, but it’ll support you when you’re trying to get a career in the subject you love.

Also, you could employ your talents from your not-in-demand major to an in-demand field. I heard an alumna at a career meeting discuss how she got a job writing for a science publication. She didn’t have an in-depth education in science, but she gained knowledge of what she was writing about through research.

If you’re incredibly passionate about a subject and nothing else even comes close, you’ll work that much harder to procure a job — so you might be more easily employed in a field that you love and are eager to immerse yourself in, as opposed to a more practical field that you don’t care as much about.

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