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P1100706This post was written by Juliet, a college senior who wants a career in advertising:

My name is Juliet Rocco, and I’m a senior at Rochester Institute of Technology studying new media marketing with a minor in psychology. I’m graduating this year in May and look forward to finding full-time employment in the field of advertising.

A lot of people give me a quizzical look when I tell them what my major is. In its simplest form, new media marketing is a combination of classical marketing, internet marketing and graphic design. I decided to throw psychology into the mix because I think it’s important as a marketer to understand how people think and why they do certain things.

My Work Experience: RIT requires its business majors to find two full-time co-ops in order to graduate. In the summer of 2012, I completed my first 3-month co-op with Dale Carnegie Training as a Marketing Coordinator. Throughout the summer, I planned breakfast event workshops, client appreciation dinners and coordinated a testimonial video with a local ad agency.

In fall of 2012, I completed my next 3-month co-op with the New Jersey Devils as a social media marketing intern. I created content for Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. It was a very fun and rewarding experience to reach out to over 400k fans who shared the same passion I have for hockey.

My Goals and Aspirations: People who know me personally know that I’m a spitfire and don’t normally follow the pack. In high school, I played on my varsity hockey team as the only girl. By senior year, I was balancing two hockey teams, a part-time job, college applications and keeping my grades up. There was no time for senioritis to kick in. If it’s one thing people should know about me, it’s that when I get motivated to do something, I will follow through and accomplish it.

My career dream is something most people would consider a little ambitious. I’m going to work for an advertising agency and become the creative force behind a Super Bowl ad. In order to do this, I’m going to be working in an ad agency in the creative services department. I’d like to experience all areas of the ad agency before I settle into a department first.

Advice for Future Grads: Although the economy is still slow, and there seems to be an army of us being thrusted out into the real world by May, I’m still holding onto hope of finding employment. I feel very confident with my work experience and driven personality that I will find a full-time job I enjoy.

If you have a positive attitude and network with the right people, you will get the opportunities you’re looking for. Throw in a little luck and some prayers (if you’re the spiritual type), and you’ll definitely get what you need. I can’t stress enough how important it is to network. Everyone needs a job, but not everyone knows the right people. Use your network to your advantage and reach out to them.

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