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IMG_20120617_141942[1]This post was written by Amari, whose passions include writing and sports:

I’ve had a college degree for all of a month; the ink is still drying on my Thank You cards. I graduated Dec. 15, 2012 with a BA in journalism because I LOVE to write.

Am I going back to school? I doubt it. My longtime goal of writing a New York Times Bestseller is still on the list, but my ultimate goal is to be a sports reporter for ESPN. However, until that day, I’ll enjoy any career that lets me do what I love.

To prepare for my ultimate goal, I have a newly created sports blog. I try to familiarize myself with the different sports shows, reporters and bloggers. And of course, I watch the most important games. I also talk to a lot of guys on/off Twitter just to see what their opinions are; it’s a great tool that helps me develop a few of my blog entries.

I also volunteer for sporting events and attend a few Atlanta Hawks games each season just to get my face out there. I even worked with ESPN a couple of times when they came to my school to film the football games. Why didn’t I give them my résumé? I forgot! I have clearly failed in life.

There is more to me than sports though. I completed a PR internship and ended up editing an advertisement for Essence Magazine, which was pretty cool!

I try to dab in a little bit of everything because I have so many talents.

Like everyone else, I’ve been applying for positions for months. But I have only applied to positions that are related to my degree: social media, public relations, production, tech writer, copy editor, copy writer, etc. I initially wanted a job right after graduation, but I changed my mind a month before I graduated.

And that’s basically because I just wanted a chance to breathe. I can’t take my dream vacation to Paris right now, but I can read, blog, work on developing my craft and sleep! And learn more about myself and others and SLEEP!

The advice I would give my fellow 20somethings is to stay uplifted and only apply for jobs relevant to your degree (unless your situation requires immediate funds, then do what you have to do).

The issue most of us are facing is that we do not have enough post college experience. And you still won’t have any if you spend two years folding clothes at the mall. So why bother?

I don’t have children, and I don’t have bills. So I’m not too fazed if I don’t get exactly what I’m looking for right away. But everybody’s story is different.

When the time comes, I’ll be super excited to jump into the “real world”. I can’t wait to gain the knowledge and get some feedback from people who have been where I’m trying to go.

As previously stated, I just graduated, and I’ve already had four interviews. With that said, I can’t say the issues with the economy are directly affecting me. However, if I’m without a job six months from now, I’ll have a LOT more to say. 😉

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