20something profile: Emma

imageThis profile was written by Emma, who works at a marketing firm:

I’m Emma. I graduated in May of 2012 with my BA in Anthropology and minors in Marketing and Italian. I majored in Anthropology because, well, I love the subject. People fascinate me, and I feel that it is important to understand different cultures. I minored in marketing with the hopes of getting into the world of Business Anthropology. I minored in Italian because I love the language and the culture. I studied abroad in Italy for a summer and would love to go back.

I have worked as a marketing intern, and I now work as a full-time Internal Operations Coordinator at a third-party marketing firm. At my company, an Internal Operations Coordinator is the person who keeps projects rolling.  The Client Service Managers (like my boss) have contact with the client, build relationships, and then produce a project. After the project is approved, we hire people. Once people are hired, my job is to make sure that they all have assets (i.e. shirts, electronic devices, name badges). This is called fulfillment. Fulfillment sucks.

Once they are in the field with their shirts and badges, I supply them with Call Reports. These are electronic, survey-like, data-collecting things that the person in the field, sometimes called a Brand Ambassador (BA), needs to fill out in order to get paid. I create, update, and analyze the Call Reports and their data. After a weekend of the BAs filling out the Call Reports, I compile all of the data into a spreadsheet and give it to my boss. I also give him specific data for his client facing report. Lately, I’ve been creating supplemental reports for the client (moving on up)!

My job revolves around fulfillment and Call Reports. It’s not ideal, but I know it is a means to an end. I have several ideas as to what that “end” could be. None of those ideas involve fulfillment or Call Reports. They mostly involve being in a more anthropological role, traveling, owning my own business, and moving to NYC (and then Portland, OR). These goals are what drive me to excel at my current job, so that I can move upward and onward from this operations world.

It’s a daily struggle to keep myself from getting too frustrated with my current position. I look at Job-Search webpages for something more meaningful. Everything that I want to do requires more experience, yet there are no jobs that would give me proper experience for my desired jobs! I know that I am not the only person with these issues. This is why I write my blog: to share what I have gone through to get where I am, and how I plan to get where I’m going.

Visit my blog to learn more about my experiences! Emma’s Blog.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story, it was very interesting. You seem like a bright and talented person, I have no doubt that if you keep putting in the work you will get where you want to go. Have you considered applying for any of those jobs that you don’t have enough “experience” for? I have learned that sometimes passion and personality will land you jobs you aren’t technically qualified for. Good luck!

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you liked my story. I’ve always been too intimidated by my lack of experience, but I am going to start looking into those jobs. Thanks for the luck– I’ll need it! 🙂

  3. This girl is great! I follow Emma on her blog. I love having back to back comments with her on one of our posts. Sharing ideas and insights with a fellow somethings is very refreshing. I love having other people to relate to and get new ideas from.

  4. Thank you, Katie! You’re awesome. I really enjoy the comments as well and moving through this stage of life alongside fellow bloggers!

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