How young job seekers can market themselves

On Twitter, I found a Forbes article called Why Your Kid Can’t Get a Job. The title is really discouraging, and a better title would’ve been “Why Your Kid Can Get a Job” because the article offers great advice on how young adults can effectively market themselves despite their lack of experience.

For example, the article discusses how young adults can market themselves using their non-work related ventures:

One answer is to establish a powerful personal brand independent of work experience. Not just cobble together a few starter jobs, but pursue their own aspirations — and then learn how to define them and market them to the corporate world.

The article also advises young job seekers to take advantage of the social media platforms that are available to them:

Turn your public social media presence into a showcase of your personal brand and portal of interests and skills. Connect the dots for the prospective hiring manager. The best way to combat a thin resume is with photos, video, endorsements.

I think the greatest statement these pieces of advice make is that experience doesn’t have to come from a job or an internship. We build experience from anything we do, whether it’s work or just fun. The key is keeping tabs of the skills that we develop and knowing how to effectively market them.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! We should always look for ways to become more “marketable”. I believe that many of our experiences (work related, volunteer, or otherwise) can be turned into employable skills.

  2. Universities need to step it up to help their graduates learn how to get jobs.

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