Very Inspiring Blogger Award

20130304-141421I’ve found out that Tiffany of One Girl’s Journey to 30 has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The purpose of this blog is to inspire people in their twenties, so I’m really proud to be getting this recognition. Special thanks to Tiffany for nominating me, and I encourage you to check out her blog.

The rules for accepting this nomination are to list seven interesting facts about yourself and to nominate fifteen other blogs for the award. So I’ll begin with the seven facts:

1. I like roller coasters and other fast-moving rides. But my family members have motion sickness, so growing up,  I didn’t get to go to theme parks as much as I would’ve liked.

2. I’ve never owned an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or any other smartphone/tablet (I really need to get with the times).

3. I like dogs…well, big dogs like golden retrievers, huskies, labs, German shepherds. My parents wouldn’t get me a dog growing up (I had to settle for a guinea pig), but my grandfather had dogs.

4. I’m really into obscure trivia, especially in movies and TV. It’s amazing how many iconic scenes or moments just happen by chance or accident.

5. While I’m not that fond of board games, my favorite game is Trivial Pursuit (as you might have guessed from the previous fact).

6. It’s freaky how many times I’ve come across a Socially Awkward Penguin meme and thought, “I’ve done that before!”

7. I have a black belt in mixed martial arts. But I haven’t practiced it for years, and I was never enthused about it (my parents signed me up without my permission, and schoolwork as well as extracirricular activities constantly got in the way.)

And these are the fifteen blogs that I’ve nominated:

1. Deptpuppet

2. Bonjour Opportunity

3. Beating a Quarterlife Crisis

4. Lessons from a Quarterlife Crisis

5. The Sum of 20something

6. Travels and Wanderlust

7. City + The Cubicle

8. Life + Times

9. Yow Yow!

10. The 20-somethings

11. Chaos + Words

12. alexiskrystina

13. Unemployed Kat

14. Adventures in Living Lean

15. Travellifecrisis

About David

I'm an aspiring writer and filmmaker in my twenties. I also run a blog where twenty-somethings share their stories and advice on beginning a career in this economy. Check it out at

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  1. Hi David,

    You are so sweet for nominating my blog. I LOVE your blog as well and it was great to learn more about yourself! I shall definitely return the favor and post my tidbits soon enough. 🙂

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