An employer’s letter to recent grads

While I’ve posted job search articles on this blog, I haven’t posted any from an employer’s perspective, and who better to tell you how to get hired than the people who are actually hiring?

This AOL Jobs article contains a letter written by Todd Defren, CEO at SHIFT Communications, to recent graduates on how to properly conduct a job search:

Employer’s Tough-Love Letter To New College Grads (

Defren’s letter contains great points, and I think recent graduates could really benefit from his instructions. Having said that, though, I disagree with his advice that after you’re hired, you should stay put at your company for at least three to five years.

In this quote, Defren discusses the senior staff members of his company:

I am sure there were many days in the course of their careers when they felt underpaid or under-appreciated. But sooner or later, those situations were rectified; adjustments were made; it is a process — one that required loyalty to something bigger than their bank account.

It would be nice to believe that being loyal to a company will end up serving you well; in a perfect world, it would.

But the world isn’t perfect, and loyalty in the workplace isn’t always rewarded — not when there are employers who are incompetent or are motivated by personal agendas rather than what’s best for their companies.

It seems naïve to believe that if your job has been going badly, you should just stay put there, and your problems will eventually work themselves out.

I’m not saying you should quit your job at the first hint of dissatisfaction. Wherever you work, you’ll always have bad days. But when those bad days become bad months or bad years, I’d at least consider finding another job.

Because loyalty doesn’t guarantee success.

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