What “The Office” has taught us

The Office cast in the third season

The Office cast in the third season (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After nine seasons The Office, the quintessential workplace sitcom, is ending. And USA Today College has an article about lessons that The Office has taught us:

5 lessons learned from the office (usatodayeducate.com)

During its peak, The Office was among the best shows on TV, not only for its smart writing or great cast but for its relatability of being in a dead-end, menial job with bizarre co-workers and incompetent management.

A notable plot thread this season is Jim co-founding an athlete management company. During the past eight seasons, Jim has been apathetic about his job at Dunder Mifflin, putting more concentration into his pranks on Dwight than his duties as a salesman.

So it’s interesting for Jim to be emotionally invested in his new company: he’s regretful when he initially turns down the opportunity, elated when the other founders let him join the company, and nervous about asking his wife to relocate to Philadelphia.

Jim has found a job that, unlike Dunder Mufflin, uses his talents and interests to their fullest potential. And that gives him pride; it makes him care about his work.

That’s not to say the change has been entirely positive. At first, Jim doesn’t tell his wife about the job or moving to Philadelphia. He invests thousands of dollars in the company without her permission. And he’s ungrateful to her for taking care of their children while he’s away.

When you’re young and single, you’re able to make selfish career decisions. But when you’re married and have children, you have to realize that it’s not just about you anymore and that you have other people to consider when deciding to change careers.

Still, I hope Jim manages to find in his new company what he hasn’t found in nine years of The Office: satisfaction in his career.

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  1. The USA Today Educate blog is really interesting – I liked both the Office and Big Bang Theory articles you shared on this site. It’s great to see that these shows spark a similar resonance with others as they do with me.

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