Bizarre job search story

Ever watch that episode of Seinfeld where George does everything the opposite of what he would normally do and achieves great success (including getting a job at Yankee Stadium)?

Well, this article discusses a recent graduate who did the opposite of what politeness and common sense would tell us is right and got a job because of it, just as George did:

A recent grad knew exactly what she was looking for in a job, and was getting a number of interviews. She was frequently on the short list, but then told, “We went with someone with more experience.”

At a point of frustration, after many rejections for someone with more experience, she said to the employer, “How am I supposed to get experience if no one will hire me because I don’t have experience?” She was exasperated.

Funny thing is, they called her back, said they agreed with her, and offered her a job! She’s been there ever since. I’m not advocating this as a strategy, but sometimes, funny things happen in the job search!

When employers rejected me in favor more experienced candidates, I wanted to tell them everything that the recent graduate in that story said. Had I actually said it, who knows? They might’ve hired me!

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  1. That’s crazy! Good for her! And I think we can all agree with her wit the frustration.

  2. This. I truly see no other option for many of us other than pointing out what should be obvious to employers, but apparently is not.

  3. We’re supposed to get out of our comfort zone and do it with confidence! It’s hard!

  4. I just responded to a job ad by saying ‘hey I love my current job. I’d only move if you can offer me something great’. And they called me for an interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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