Congratulations, Class of 2013

Graduation Congrats

Graduation Congrats (Photo credit:

NBC News wrote an article about the class of 2013 where they profiled three soon-to-be graduates about their post-graduation plans and how the economy was affecting those plans:

Innocence lost: Class of 2013 comes of age in a weak economy (

During my senior year of college, the class of 2013 were freshmen (wow, that makes me seem old), and I was a peer adviser to a group of them in my school.

It’s odd to think that the freshmen I advised have now been through college and graduated. I hope that the advice I gave them helped, especially when they began their job search.

What advice did I give them? A lot of the stuff I mention on this blog: don’t just focus on academics, join clubs, do internships, and that it’s never too soon to begin thinking about your career.

While NBC News’ article describes how rough the economy is for the class of 2013, I actually think they were lucky in that they began school after the Great Recession started.

They came into college knowing how bad the economy was and how tough it was for recent graduates to find a job. And they had four years to prepare themselves for the job market while the economy improved.

I told the freshmen I was advising not to presume that the economy would fully recover by the time they graduated, and unfortunately, I was right. Job hunting is still rough for recent graduates, as NBC News’ article attests to.

But, as the 20something profiles in my blog demonstrate, it’s always possible for twenty-somethings to find rewarding jobs, even in a weak economy.

So congratulations, Class of 2013, and best of luck in your careers.

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  1. I agree with you in some sense that it was nice for the class of 2013 to start during the Great Recession so they knew what was coming, but I also feel for them. True, they had more people telling them they needed to figure things out than I did graduating in 2010, but they also had to pay higher tuition rates, take out more loans, and look towards a future where they knew things would be hard. The transition from college to full time working world wasn’t fun, and I definitely lost some of my idealism during that process, but I for one am glad that I still had some time in college where I had hope that things would be better on the other side.

  2. I definitely agree with you about this class being lucky they started during the recession. I think if I had been researching/applying to colleges during the recession, I would have actually THOUGHT about cost. But…since I knew nothing and I didn’t exactly have parental support, I was some sixteen year old saying “WHATEVA!” and basically throwing (not my own) money in the air. Granted, I think if I went to a different school, I wouldn’t be where I am now blah blah blah insert sappy sentence on how “everything works out in the end”.

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