Stress in college students

There’s no denying that college is stressful. Academics alone is enough to give students an ulcer, but especially in this economy, there’s the added worry of paying for college as well as what your plans will be post-graduation. has provided an infographic to demonstrate how stress affects college students. This infographic displays statistics of students that are stressed, causes of student stress, and tips on reducing stress.

What interested me most about this infographic was the question of whether technology contributes to student stress. There’s no doubt that technology makes many things easier, especially when it comes to connecting with people.

But while technology connects us, it also isolates us because we spend more time in front of a screen and less time in front of people. And wall posts, tweets, texts, and other modern ways to communicate promote brevity over lengthier, more meaningful interactions.

When you’re stressed out, sometimes meeting up with people you know and just having a conversation really helps. It reminds you that you’re not alone and provides you with an emotional outlet that goes beyond typing words on a keyboard.

I hope college students use these coming months to de-stress and enjoy their summers while they’re still available because, as rough as college is, most jobs don’t give their employees a three-month summer vacation.


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