20something profile: Katie

PicThis post was written by Katie, who works in advertising sales but is an aspiring writer:

When I was in high school, I dreamed about going to NYU — the ultimate dream school — and afterwards, becoming an editor of a big-time magazine. I was obsessed with reading, writing and the entire publishing industry. I would spend hours sitting in Barnes & Noble thinking about the potential career options I had. It was all so exciting and new.

When I got accepted into the school, I was on cloud 9 for the rest of my senior year. But then I got to school, and it wasn’t what I had imagined. My classes were a mix of innocent 18-year-old suburban kids like me and then older people (think moms and old men) taking the class for pure enjoyment. On the weekends, I would go out with people 10 years older because we would go to the hottest NYC clubs. At least once/month, I would come home to Boston to see my family and get centered again.

After a year of the craziness that was NYU, I decided to transfer to Northeastern and study business, which I thought was a more practical major. It was certainly much harder than my communications classes, but also much more interesting. I felt like I was learning a tangible skill. And to make it even more interesting, I chose entrepreneurship as my concentration, so I got to think about what I would do with my own business.

When I graduated college, I immediately got a job in digital advertising.  NEU had set me up with an internship there during my degree, so I had an easy-in to get back into it. Watching my friends struggle to get jobs in this economy reinforced my decision to transfer to NEU, who set me up to get a job immediately upon graduation.

I am now an account manager in the digital sales department of my company. I work on clients like Mars and Kraft to plan their online digital spend. It’s very fun, but it also takes up a lot of time. 10 hour days, plus constant entertaining. I can’t say that I really use anything that I learned in college, but you can’t really get a job without a good degree. Most of my job is all strategy and lots of administrative duties (think billing, reporting, etc.).

My dream, though, is to become a writer. I want to write a book that makes people connect and realize how similar we all are. It will be about the lives of young 20-somethings and the complexity of this age. On one side, it is so exciting and new. We have a limitless amount of freedom and can do, really, whatever we want. But on the other side, we have all these pressures of who we are supposed to be and where we are supposed to be at.

When I talk to my friends, I can’t help laughing at how insecure we all are. We rotate with who is happiest at that moment based on the promotion they got, the new guy they’re seeing or the fun sports team they just joined. Then there’s the marriages and babies that some of our friends are starting to have in their lives. It’s all very confusing and scary.

I want to write a book that makes people laugh at it the way I do, so that we can all go on realizing that this is just one small chapter in our book. That we will move on from this and, most likely, turn out unscathed. We will figure out where we’re supposed to be in life, and learn how to adjust to life’s uncertainties. I can’t wait to write it, and hope it entertains and enlightens all of you!

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