20something profile: Megan

129This post was written by Megan, who dreams of being an art administrator:

Unlike most people whom have created 20something profiles, I am still in college. I am just about to start my senior year, and I hope to be graduating soon with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and a minor in music. Or, like my father likes to call it, a BS* degree, meaning in the real world, a degree does not get you very far anymore.

I have been dreaming and preparing for my career since sophomore year in high school, and I owe a lot of that to my parents. My dream is to be an art administrator working in marketing at a major symphony orchestra. Once I got to college, I quickly figured out that just a degree and joining a couple of clubs was not going to make me get a decent job right out of college. I set to work.

Now with seven internships under my belt, I have experience in nonprofit marketing, fundraising, social media, being a symphony board member, development and administration. In addition, I have countless contacts in the art world around the United States. I now have the résumé to back up my career!  But will it be enough?

I often think about this and reflect back on my last three years of college. When all my friends would go out to the bars, I would be going to my next internship or board meeting. Where I do not regret it, I believe this is one of the many sacrifices 20somethings have to make in today’s economy. Unlike the generations before us, we really have to work for what we want in our future career. I have done just that. Nothing seems to come easy anymore, and I am very glad that I figured this out sooner rather than later.

Now, I am lining up for a “home run” to graduate. In just a few short months, the hard work that I have put forth will hopefully finally be recognized and received. I am sitting here gritting my teeth hoping it will all turn out. I am hoping that all my hard work will be for something. The time that I have been working towards for the last seven years will finally come.

Being a 20something in today’s economy has been tough; however, I think it will make my future that much sweeter. Where many adults think our generation is lazy, I think the opposite. Today, there are so many factors fighting against us (declining job market, bad economy, rising student loans…), but somehow I think it makes us stronger, and we come out of it stronger than ever. Life is hard, but I know if I continue to be optimistic and prepare myself as much as I possibly can…I will succeed in life.

Check out Megan’s blog The Artistic Brunette

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