Choose your own adventure

Joanne's childhood book collection FTW

Joanne’s childhood book collection FTW (Photo credit: Jeff Van Campen)

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books that we read as children? (If you want to do x, turn to page 38; if you want to do y, turn to page 57.)

Well, Online Colleges has its own Choose Your Own Adventure-style feature for choosing whether to go to graduate school:

The Great Grad School Debate: Should you go or should you stay? (

Even if you’re not considering graduate school, this feature is a fun throwback to your childhood days, albeit with more realism. (Instead of searching for mystical artifacts, you’re dealing with loans and tuition.)

So take a few minutes to play this game; hopefully, you’ll make the right choices and won’t end up dead, or worse…living for eternity in your mother’s basement.

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