20something profile: Sevey O.

DSCN2192This post was written by Sevey O., who works in investigative consulting:

There is no one correct way to navigate your path to fulfill your aspirations or properly begin a career in today’s economy. There are many.

I attended the smallest of the Ivy League schools. It was a dream fulfilled — not to go to any Ivy — but to this one in particular. I walked onto campus during my first visit, I took a look around, I saw the bubbly energized and motivated personalities bouncing through the center of campus and the gorgeous setting and I simply fell in love.

During my first term of freshman year, we were introduced to our school’s career services. I’ll never forget that day (don’t judge) because I caught up with a friend from high school that night and told her about how incredible this school was…where career services was going to GET US JOBS!

Not exactly accurate.

What we learned from four years on campus was how to utilize alumni connections, think outside the box and remove boundaries and restrictions when it came time to manage our careers and fulfill our post-college aspirations.

My message is one of optimism.

Too many times students receive the message that there is one correct major, one way of landing that great job or few lucrative careers we should all rush at. In today’s economy, more than ever, the importance should be placed on stepping outside the box, networking beyond your safe borders and seeking new fulfilling careers of which your current counselors (in life) may or may not have heard.

While in college, I studied what I wanted, and I pursued a number of internships in various industries. The flexible schedule at school allowed me to intern as a production assistant on the PGA tour, at an NYC public relations firm and as a consultant-in-training at a market research firm.  These experiences were different. Exploring taught me flexibility and shaped my path to find the fulfilling career I was looking for.

Today I work in investigative consulting for one of the largest consulting firms in the world. My job has taken me overseas and has allowed me the kind of unique experiences I was looking for. I love what I do. The path here, however, was not direct and given the current economy, required a number of twists and turns.

I researched, researched and researched to get myself here. Your résumé will only get you so far, as I’ve learned. I found industry leaders, inspiring game-changers and individuals doing incredible things. I found ways to reach out to them. I asked questions, attended interviews that went nowhere and picked myself up after falling.

It’s still possible for current grads to achieve exactly what they set out to. The landscape of the job search and the entrepreneurial market has changed though…and we must change with it.

Check out Sevey O.’s blog 31daysofawesome

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