How to ask for a raise

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Do you feel that your salary doesn’t reflect your contributions at your job? Then perhaps it’s time to get a raise. And this post from Grad School Hub shows you how to ask for it:

How To Negotiate A Higher Salary (

As young workers, we carry the burden of unjust stereotypes: namely, that we’re entitled and we’re constantly believing that we should be getting more than what we have already.

So we have to convince employers why we deserve more by focusing on our achievements and contributions, rather than acting like getting a raise is our God-given right.

Justifying your raise in a poised, confident, and well-thought-out manner will prove to your employers that you’re not a whiny, entitled youngster: you’re a professional whose work deserves to be recognized.


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  1. Great infographic and post. I just love your content. Keep it up!

  2. jamestollefson

    This is awesome. Love the infographic. Probably never would have run into it if you hadn’t posted it.

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