A “nutty” first job


Poole with the Nutmobile and Mr. Peanut (Photo credit: Parade)

Parade posted an interview with Danielle Poole, a recent graduate whose first post-college job is unusual, to say the least.

As a traveling brand ambassador (or “Peanutter”) for Planters, she tours the country driving a 24-foot-long peanut on wheels (a.k.a. the Nutmobile) and occasionally dressing up as the brand’s mascot, Mr. Peanut:

One Recent College Grad’s Funky First Job (parade.com)

Though the job only lasts a year, Poole sees it at an important stepping stone to her desired career in public relations. When asked if she’s worried that future employers will find her Peanutter job too strange, she responds:

I’m not. I actually think it’s an interesting conversation starter. And there really are a lot of great things that come from this job. We’re managing the Nutmobile’s budget, we’re pitching media, and we’re interacting with the public on a daily basis. It’s a lot of great skills that you can apply to any job.

In an earlier post, I discussed how sometimes the most unexpected jobs can give you the skills you need to advance your career. So I’d encourage recent graduates to be open-minded and think outside the box when it comes to their first post-college jobs.

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  1. Love this! Sometimes I think the unusual jobs actually help you stand out way more than any kind of traditional gig.

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