Payel: Working the flow

252249_10200583278737512_1827789306_nThis post was written by Payel, a 19-year-old who is studying fashion:

Coming from India, a country with a past so rich the present is nothing but a decaying dream, it is a tough time for the youth to survive. Especially with the rupee’s value sinking even lower the past week, economy is at an all time low; no wonder the parents of this country do not really preach “follow the dream” slogan to their kids — it’s more about the security of the present and the future.

And thus, the kids are laden with second-hand dreams of being doctors, engineers, government officials, or high post holding MNC workers. Anything less, and you are branded lost. But as my luck would have it, my parents made few mistakes — which turned everything for the better. So I never had the burden of fulfilling my parents’ desires — a very common phenomenon occurring here. But I did have the burden of identifying my own passion.

Schools and colleges have strict non-changeable programs here. After your tenth grade you are categorised into three herds — science, commerce and humanities. And from there you pursue interests that fall under these three broad fields.

Battling the hardships of my final year at school, in and out of depression and fear of failure, it wasn’t before the last months of my schooling that I analysed and figured out what exactly I wanted to pursue, study and dedicate my life to — the answer actually had been there all the time, but I never took it seriously — it was fashion, the art of clothing.

It has been two wonderful years that I have spent in my college, NIFT, Kolkata, going onto my third year. One year to go, and I will be facing the real world. It has been a whirlwind but satisfying to the core; I don’t think I would have survived or been happy had I pursued anything else. It’s all luck and destiny at the end. But I am facing the same questions that I faced in the final years of my school, where from here?

I question my strengths and weakness, and I am left clueless. There are so many options I’d like to try my hand at: be a buyer, have my own fashion house, churn out prêt collection every season, design costume for movies, style stars and regular people, write, be a critic, be an editor of a fashion magazine. And I feel clueless again.

Maybe this time, instead of choosing, I might get the opportunity to dabble my feet in all the pool. A girl can dream.

At the end, it’s just what Gita says, “Karm karo, faal ki chinta mat karo.” [Translation: Work; don’t concern yourself with the result.]

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  2. this is not only u…most of the people face the same problem!!! The way u portrayed the feeling is great 🙂

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