Millennials: Making a difference (Photo credit: jdlasica)

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the world but felt that you were too young? Then you should check out this Huffington Post article written by Ola Ojewumi, founder of Sacred Hearts Children’s Transplant and Project ASCEND:

The Millennial Generation Is Doing Something (

Ojewmi’s article discusses how nonprofits such as DoSomething are recruiting millennials for “volunteerism, entrepreneurship, public service and charitable initiatives” that have led to over 2.4 million youths making a difference.

DoSomething has also been active in making education affordable; they set up the We ♥ Action Scholarship program, which helped Ojewumi afford college, and they also hosted an event where teens could text the president about student loan debt.

And they have trained youths to start their own nonprofits through the 2013 Boot Camp, which taught its participants vital skills (like fundraising and social media) and awarded seed grants to help get their nonprofits off the ground.

It’s really inspiring that DoSomething recognizes our generation for our intelligence and dedication, and that they provide us with avenues that let us channel those positive qualities into changing the world for the better.

If you’re interested in making a difference, I encourage you to check out DoSomething’s website. There, you could select a specific social cause that interests you, and you could find activities and resources that are related to that cause.

Hopefully, organizations such as DoSomething will reduce stereotypes of millennials as lazy, selfish, and entitled; and instead, they’ll pave the way for a more positive image of our generation, like how Ojewumi describes us:

We are the generation of social responsibility. We are responsible for birthing a movement of service-focused entrepreneurship, social enterprise and technological advancement. Past generations created civil disobedience and protest movements to evoke social change. Generation Y has transformed these methods of the past to invoke justice through the creation of youth-led nonprofits, tech startups and a number of other innovations.

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