College graduates as nannies


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NBC News reports on an interesting trend — college graduates who are struggling to begin careers in today’s economy climate becoming nannies:

‘Modern-day Mary Poppins’: College graduates embrace nannying as career (

The article profiles Elyse Barletta, a 27-year-old graduate who had struggled to find a job in the nonprofit field. Having worked as a nanny in college, she returned to nannying and found three families who wanted to hire her because of her higher education.

Barletta chose to become as a nanny for the Norman family and currently takes care of their nine-month-old daughter Reynolds. Though nannying wasn’t her first career choice, she loves her job and even refers to herself as “a modern-day Mary Poppins.”

While being a nanny isn’t typically associated with higher education, there’s a significant demand for nannies who have advanced degrees and can help children with their education and development while taking care of them.

Some parents are even paying highly-educated nannies salaries similar to what entry-level finance workers make. Donna Walrond, a mother of three boys, describes how her educated nanny Samantha is worth the investment:

“In terms of tutoring fees, for a while I was paying 80 dollars an hour,” said Walrond, who founded and runs a local nanny agency herself. “[Samantha] helps the kids with the homework and takes a load off for me because when I come home in the evening, I don’t have to do it.”

Two of the young women who wrote profiles of themselves for this blog became nannies after graduating. And you can read their stories by clicking on the following links:

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  1. They make it sound like everything worked out when the real issue is many twenty somethings are graduating and unable to find work. Rather than pursuing work in their field they are drifting to whatever is open.

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