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image001This post was written by Grace, a passionate writer and student:

The moment I first started to write creatively at the age of seven was a pivotal moment in my life. I loved how words allowed you to convey the stories and express your innermost thoughts with others, inspiring them and encouraging them to self-reflect. And from that day on, I would sit for hours writing various plots and thinking up new ideas.

However, over time I began to stray away from my love of writing. When considering a career path in secondary school, I was advised not to go down the creative writing route, informed that it was a niche profession with minimal chances of success. So I turned to teaching instead, casting aside my creative outlets and throwing myself into my studies in a bid to get a place at one of the UK’s most prestigious universities. And, much to my surprise, I got in.

At first, university was great. I enjoyed my course, my new friends, my way of life. And thankfully, I managed to keep myself on the 2:1 borderline in my bachelor’s course: Childhood, Youth and Education. The course, I am (hopefully) graduating in come June 2014. However, following a massive break down in the careers advice office, I realised I wasn’t passionate about teaching anymore. The idea of going into that profession leaving me feeling unfulfilled. And that was when I was asked the ultimate question: “What do you want to do with your life?”

Immediately, I was taken back to all those years ago when I wrote constantly about anything and everything. And after conveying my love of writing, I wasn’t then again met with words of ridicule but with encouragement. My advisor went on to list all the things that writers can do for a career and how I could still use the skills gained in my degree, making it useful despite the career change. And when I left that day, my passion was reignited and a lost part of myself was rediscovered.

This is the beautiful thing about being in your twenties. The great amount of freedom that you have. More often than not, people in their early twenties are not tied down to a long-term relationship or a family, and so they can choose to experiment a little. This inclusive of career changes. Your twenties provide you an opportunity to sample different cultures, locations and lifestyles.

So what did I do upon figuring out my new career aspirations? I got stuck in. I moved to Bristol, I rented a flat last minute and I applied for some volunteering work at an internet marketing company as a writer where I was trained professionally in how to write. And you know what? I ended up having the best summer of my life so far.

In the modern world, there is an ever-increasing variety in job occupations. Especially as the internet has begun to develop resulting in a growing need for creative minds to tap into the social media and communicate with others. Just look at some bloggers out there; they now make a living just by writing about their thoughts and giving tips to readers. Pretty cool huh? But they didn’t get there without working hard for it.

I’m a sole believer in perseverance and self-motivation. If you want a certain career that badly, you need to use your twenties to your advantage. Continuously strive towards your goal despite setbacks and rejections; you need to take a few risks and put yourself out there and contact everyone and anyone to do with your chosen profession. We are fast becoming a digital generation, so put your skills to use and get networking.

Your dream career might not land you with masses of money. But this is where you need to get your priorities straight. Money is essential. We need to earn to get by. But don’t earn it by spending a massive chunk of your life doing something you hate. Surely doing something fulfilling that you love is more important than landing a huge pay cheque at the end of the month? The key is balance between money and personal fulfillment.

I write TalesofaFox, a blog all about the trials and tribulations of being in your Twenties — mixed with some ramblings here, and a few reviews there!

Check out Grace’s blogs talesofafox.wordpress.com and thefamishedfox.weebly.com

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