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projectlighttolife_1369890987_44-3This post was written by Christine, a college senior who studies English and communication:

When you tell someone that you are a liberal arts major, he or she will typically offer one response: “Oh, and what do you plan on doing with that?” Normally, the person asks this question in a kind way, but I like to imagine that he or she says the word that as if it is a piece of food that should be spit out as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, I like to picture the question accompanied by a nervous chuckle. Whether this skepticism is real or imagined, for me, it doesn’t matter; ever since I was a little kid, I have known that I want to pursue a career that involves writing and editing.

People say that one of the best ways to figure out what career path you are meant to follow is to consider what hobbies you enjoyed as a child. I still remember how excited I was after receiving a publish-your-own-short-story-kit from my grandparents when I was seven.

Although I don’t think I’m meant to be an illustrator — I accidentally dotted one of the main character’s faces in my story with a blue dot, decided the dot could act as a tear, and had to change the entire plotline of my story — even then, I knew that I loved writing, editing, and re-editing my work.

A little over four months ago, I developed a “bucket list blog” called Project Light to Life; other than the constant challenges the blog pushes me to pursue and the inspiring people I get to interact with every day, another favorite aspect of having a blog is that each day, I am able to write or edit my own or other people’s work.

My blog is an effort to document my journey as I cross items off my “Activities & Adventure” bucket list. There is one stipulation; once I cross several items off this list, I must cross an item off my “Kind Acts & Volunteering” list.

screen-shot-2013-06-05-at-11-13-14-pm-1Yet, aside from the challenges crossing items off my list represent, the most rewarding part of having a blog is having found something that I absolutely love to do without, currently, being paid for it.

A favorite segment I began on my blog is the “Reader of the Month” series; inspiring individuals send me articles in which they share their stories that I then read over and edit. Most of the articles are already flawless by the time I receive them, but I still enjoy reading them over. Working on my blog only further solidifies my belief that all I want to do is find something that makes me happy.

In college, I’ve had a lot of great opportunities to pursue my writing and to work with others who enjoy writing. I am the co-editor and chief of a literary magazine on campus, a tutor at my school’s writing center, and a teacher’s assistant for a poetry class. During college, I also found the book Poet’s Market, which is a wonderful resource that helped me figure out how to submit and get some of my writing published in a couple of literary magazines.

Despite knowing what I love to do, I am still unsure where graduation will take me. Still, there are a few things I do know about myself: I am a hopelessly clumsy, stereotypical, head in the clouds liberal arts major; I love writing and editing my own work, along with others’; I cannot wait to continue working on my blog; and most of all, I look forward to following a path and finding a career that will make me happy.

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I'm an aspiring writer and filmmaker in my twenties. I also run a blog where twenty-somethings share their stories and advice on beginning a career in this economy. Check it out at http://twentysomethingsblog.com

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  1. O! Please if I had a penny for everyone I’ve heard about being asked what they’ll do with a certain course,I’d be rich! The one thing they don’t know is that where they see stagnacy there is actually diversibility and you girl have got one of the most diversable courses,I believe you will don’t just can,WILL do something superb with your course,you have no idea how much I envy you right now! And I mean it! If ever you are in doubt,please remember someone across in africa,nigeria believes in you,hopefully I’ll hear your name out hear just as many others here are hearing and reading about you and your works,cheers and have fun,yep fun with this,its the best of you yet!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my article; I really appreciate it 🙂 I love your blog and can’t wait to continue reading stories by more 20 something’s!

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