20something profile: Jasmine

546536_3546683112495_1101481142_n_zps79e8c5d2This post was written by Jasmine, a college senior who is majoring in Journalism:

Hey guys! My name is Jasmine Eclipse, and I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon. I left Hawaii (a.k.a. paradise) to attend college in the great Northwest. Growing up in Hawaii, I knew I wanted to leave the islands to attend college so I could experience the seasons and allow myself to grow as an individual. I guess you could say I left so I could “find myself,” as the hip kids say it.

I spent my childhood and high school years traveling abroad quite a bit, and while I was overseas, I fell in love with architecture and history. I started my college career with aspirations to be an architect, but soon found the work within the department to be monotonous and restricting of my literary creativity.

I grew up with a father who loved to read and an English teacher for a mother, so I was constantly exposed to words and grammar. I loved to write, but I always knew I could never make a living being a writer — at least I didn’t think I could, so I put those dreams on hold as I pursued architecture and a higher salary.

319152_1946185541056_3591844_nI remember traveling to Spain the summer after my freshman year to meet the Pope for World Youth Day. Now, I don’t consider myself to be an extremely devout catholic, but there was something about being a part of such a tremendous pilgrimage with millions of other people that inspired me to share my story.

I wanted other people to read about my journey, to be inspired to do the unthinkable; and after that trip my first article was published in a magazine. Then I realized that I didn’t have to write novels to be a storyteller; I could be a writer through journalism. It wasn’t long before I switched my focus and declared as a journalism major, and I haven’t looked back since.

I have, since then, written for magazines, newspapers and political journals; interned for sports websites and wedding magazines; and I am currently the copy chief for America’s best college media company. In regards to my professional journalism experience, I have done it all.

I hold a special place in my heart for editing and writing prose and inspirational and motivational writings, which can be found on my blog.

In the very near future, I hope to move to a big city where I can kick off my career as an editor at a newspaper, magazine or publishing company. And after I establish myself with a company that tolerates my awkward humor, I hope to become a travel writer and continue to spread joy to all the people I can.

I guess you could say I stumbled upon my passion by accident, or you could theorize that it was all a part of the universe’s grand scheme, but I truly believe that my passion found me.

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