From master’s student to toilet cleaner


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“I received a distinction for both my degrees, and I now clean SHIT in a foreign country.”

A Facebook post from Benjamín Serra Bosch, a 25-year-old Spaniard residing in London. In the post, Bosch expressed his frustration of having two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree but having to work in a coffee shop where he cleans toilets:

Over-qualified toilet cleaner’s rant goes viral on Facebook  (

Bosch states that he’s not ashamed of his job, but he’s upset about lack of opportunities he’s had: “Cleaning is a very worthy job. What embarrasses me is having to do it because no one has given me an opportunity in Spain.”

He also vents about the misguided way that young Spanish immigrants are perceived in London: “And make no mistake. The youth are not learning the language, having adventure and new experiences. We are IMMIGRANTS.”

In a previous post, I discussed a Huffington Post article about youth unemployment around the world, including Spain. According to that article, 56%  of Spanish job seekers under 25 are unemployed.

I’m not Spanish, and I’m not an immigrant. But I certainly relate to Bosch’s struggles to find employment that suits his education: “I thought I deserved better after so much effort in my academic life. Apparently I was wrong.”

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  1. I can sympathize and fully comprehend the frustration he has. I have been going through the same thing! It’s hard to fathom that after 3 degrees this man is stuck in a job he is well overqualified for because no one will give him a chance. The only thing to do is keep pushing and do not give up.

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