Common Threads: A 20something web series

Twenty-something filmmaker Cris Thorne discusses his filmmaking background and his motivations for creating Common Threads, a web series about twenty-somethings:

The mission of Crizlassic Productions is to bring real stories to light in a creative and inspiring way. We seek to tell stories inspired by real life experiences, while also inspiring growth in everyday living.

In 2003, Cris Thorne created Crizlassic Productions to produce student films and sketches. After graduating from Howard University’s John H. Johnson School of Communications with a BA Degree in Film Production in 2010, Cris moved back to his home town of Maplewood, NJ to continue producing films.

In 2012, Crizlassic Prodcutions released its first feature length documentary, De-leveling the System, and in 2013 the company debuted its original web series — Common Threads.

Common Threads very much represents the current generation of 20-somethings trying to find their way in the world. As much as they try to avoid each other, their paths are intertwined. By facing each other, each of them discovers a bond: a common thread that holds them together.

In the pilot episode, we see how this group of high school friends parted ways and have since avoided each other for the most part. With the return of popular guy Brian Dunn, the group stats to reach out to each other again. Brian plans a reunion party in hopes of winning back his ex-girlfriend, Selena.

However, Selena discovers that she is pregnant from a recent relationship and is hesitant to tell Brian. Caleb finds the courage to come out about his sexuality with his mother and hopes to find that same courage to tell Brian at the reunion party.

My motivation for creating this series comes from my passion for storytelling. I seek to tell other people’s stories and experiences on screen without them having to be in front of the camera. My filmmaking background is rooted in documentary work, but I’m much more interested in narrative work.

Common Threads gives me the opportunity to bring real stories to life in a creative and inspiring way while entertaining viewers at the same time. I look forward to continuing to build this into a lasting web series that engages people worldwide.

For more on Cris Thorne and Common Threads, check out the website for Crizlassic Productions

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