If at first you don’t succeed…

Tom Brady

Tom Brady (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This inspirational entry for the Together We Make Football contest tells the story of Heidi, a young artist who overcame a great setback to achieve her dream of becoming a professional animator:

This is why Heidi loves football (togetherwemakefootball.com)

Heidi caught her big break when Disney accepted her into a training program. At the end of the program, Disney would hire the animators they believed in the most.

But Heidi wasn’t among those hired. This rejection rattled Heidi’s confidence and made her struggle to continue drawing:

Every artist has that voice in the back of their head saying, ‘You’re not good enough. This drawing isn’t good enough,’ and now I had these people that I really looked up to and respected saying that they didn’t believe in me or my abilities, and it just kind of broke me.

But Heidi — a Patriots fan — got reinvigorated after hearing quarterback Tom Brady’s dismal scouting report: poor build, skinny, lacks mobility and ability to avoid the rush, lacks a really strong arm, can’t drive the ball downfield, can’t throw a really tight spiral, and gets knocked down easily:

I just couldn’t believe it because it was like no one believed in him either, and that spoke to me that night ’cause they didn’t know how much fight he had in him, and that kind of brought out the fight in me. Through him, I was able to find my hope again, and that was really all I needed.

After finding out how Tom Brady endured rejection, Heidi resumed her pursuit of an animation job and was eventually hired by DreamWorks.

It’s inspiring to hear how even an iconic quarterback such as Tom Brady can face such overwhelming rejection. It reminds us that a rejection doesn’t have to be the final word, and we can prove even our harshest critics wrong by working hard and always believing in ourselves.

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