How Generation Y will transform the workplace

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Our generation has only begun entering the workforce, but as older generations retire, we will eventually become the dominant generation in the workplace.

This interesting article describes how the traditions and values of Generation Y will transform the workplace in Canada:

The six ways Generation Y will transform the workplace  (

A significant impact of Generation Y will be to place more women in leadership roles. Most millennials had both of their parents working, which showed them that women could have careers as well as men. Canadian schools are also seeking to expand the amount of women in their programs.

Another impact of millennials will be to blend their careers and home lives instead of keeping them separate. Thanks to laptops and mobile devices, millennials will be able to work from home, which will allow them more freedom to tend to the needs of their children as well as their aging parents.

Generation Y will also do away with traditional, time-consuming methods of office communication, such as meetings and e-mails. Instead, they’ll communicate more efficiently through texts, social networks, and instant messages, which will take up less time and increase productivity.

It’s interesting to see how our generation’s values and interests might impact the workplace in the years to come. Check out the article for more effects of Generation Y, including a results-oriented work environment, immediate feedback, and open workspaces that encourage collaboration.

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  1. I think our generation is definitely changing the workforce, but it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes to really enact these changes. Although Generation Y would love to professionally communicate through texts and social media, I can’t see the older generations adapting to this very well. There seems to be a big disconnect in terms of how people prefer to communicate!

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