26-year-old job seeker gets harsh LinkedIn message

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Kelly Blazek, who runs the Cleveland Job Bank, has come under intense criticism for sending a hateful e-mail to 26-year-old job seeker Diana Mekota in response to Mekota’s request to connect with her on LinkedIn:

Lessons Learned from CEO’s Painful Email Meltdown (shine.yahoo.com)

Blazek’s e-mail to Mekota is filled with stunningly inappropriate remarks, such as “Wow, I cannot wait to let every 26 year old jobseeker mine my top-tier marketing connections to help them land a job” and “I suggest you join the other Job Bank in town. Oh wait — there isn’t one.” 

After e-mailing Blazek and receiving no response, Mekota placed Blazek’s harsh e-mail on Imgur, Reddit, and Facebook, where it became viral and launched an avalanche of criticism against Blazek, who took down her Twitter account and deleted parts of her blog and LinkedIn account.

I do believe that Blazek has the right to be upset about a job seeker wanting instant access to a professional network that took her years of hard work to build. But how she expressed that frustration was spiteful, condescending, and totally unprofessional.

In an earlier post, I mentioned how important it is to be careful of how you conduct yourself online. Private messages are only meant to be viewed by the sender and the recipient, but that doesn’t stop the recipient from putting those messages on public sites for the rest of the world to view.

So it’s crucial for job seekers and established professionals to conduct themselves properly online, even in messages that are intended to be private. It takes years of hard work to establish a professional reputation but only one ill-advised e-mail or social media post to unravel it.

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  1. Very interesting, sure it’s probably a bit unreasonable to add every single contact of someones but I actively encourage people to connect with my connections..

    If you are silo’d in mindset you will lack the ability to grow, a shame that everyone is focused on compete, compete, compete rather than collaboration.. Great article David, what are your thoughts?

    • That’s a great point. We all have the potential to grow through helping each other, no matter how old or experienced we are.

      • Thanks Dave, I may have mentioned this before but would love to appear on your site and if you are interested have you appear on mine.. I enjoy walking the talk rather than vice versa.. You have a great thing going here too 🙂

      • Thanks for the comment there Dave. I’m always looking to walk the talk and it would be great to submit a guest post on your page if you are happy/looking to collaborate :).. More than happy to have you on my new page as well, my first “Official post” goes live tonight, am very pumped 🙂

      • I’d be interested in contributing to your blog. What would you like me to write about?

      • Well my site is mycareercrusader, probably about careers, which is why I mention collaboration :).. Having said that happy for you to write about your passion be that sport, travel anything really.. If you’d like though careers would be awesome

        Cheers Dave, you’re from the UK?

        Nice site design as well, did you do this all yourself?

      • I’m American. I wish I could take credit for the design, but it was actually a built-in template.

      • Oh okay, still good though..

        Apologies about that but it could have been worse, could have called you a Canadian 😉 (kidding, Canadians are awesome).. Thanks for connecting and looking forward to working with you 🙂

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