My trip to Israel

DSCN0413I just returned home from Israel, and it was an extraordinary experience. I learned about Israeli history and culture, explored beautiful places, and met amazing people. Among the highlights of my trip: riding camels in the desert, rafting in the Jordan River, visiting the Western Wall, and witnessing a flood in the desert.

On the plane home, I watched a movie called The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The main character starts off as being meek and bland. He never does anything interesting with his life but constantly fantasizes about being a man of action and adventure. When his job is placed in jeopardy, though, he’s forced to take an adventure that ultimately turns him into the man he fantasizes about being.

While the movie itself wasn’t that great, I related to the main character. Prior to my trip, my life felt boring and repetitive; the farthest I had traveled in the past four years was to Boston (I live in NY). So to be in a country halfway across the world where I was constantly stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things — like hiking, rafting, sightseeing, and camel riding — made a real impact on me.

While I can’t travel to a foreign country every week (believe me, I wish I could), I hope to retain that spirit of adventure in my life and keep doing things that are exciting, adventurous, and out-of-the-box.

Here are some pictures of me from the trip:

Me (center) riding a camel in the desert

Me (center) riding a camel in the desert


Me (right) rafting in the Jordan River

Me (right) rafting in the Jordan River



At the Western Wall in Jerusalem


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  1. This is a really good post. I think it’s really important to keep your sense of adventure but it can be hard working the 9-5

  2. Looks like a great trip. DId you go on birthright?

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