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graduates-black-white-17202377This post was written by Young and Twenty, who discusses her post-college confusion:

It’s officially been a year since I graduated from college. I earned my diploma after two years of studying Media Communications and was sent into a world that promised to hire us. Our teachers insisted the economy needs people with our knowledge, whether it be marketing, social media, etc.

I felt confident graduating until I realized I only know a little bit about a lot of topics. I didn’t specialize in anything, and in the end, I was left lost and confused on the direction I wanted to proceed.

I became resentful to my parents, as I had told them countless times: I wasn’t ready to go to college straight out of high school. I was an immature teenager who has no business making decisions and earning grades that could affect me in my future. They ignored my persistence to take a year off working and ‘figuring myself out’ and signed me up for school.

Following college, my confusion became similar to the one I experienced prior to college. I wanted to pursue PR, law, journalism — basically anything I hadn’t gone to school for. I went to a few job interviews in regards to media, but they all fell through or the job didn’t turn out to be anything I had a passion for.

I think this economy is working against us, encouraging us to spend time and money on courses we probably won’t pursue in our futures. Employees are disposable, and job opportunities are rare. It’s a frustrating time that leaves us spinning in circles.

We’re asked to decide on our future when we’re seventeen and eighteen when it’s unbelievable how much our mentality changes through those years. I don’t remember who I was when I was eighteen or what motivated me to chose the program I did.

I know a lot of classmates who are in a similar boat as I am. They are frustrated and confused at the situation we’ve been thrown into, and most are resorting to return to school, not to change their focus or earn a degree but to put off entering the ‘real world’ for a few more years. They’re willing to pay the money and dedicate the hard work just to avoid a future that’s destined to fail us.

In my one year out, I’ve taken a reception job at a Law Firm, which I quit as a result to the high stress level and am now working part time doing filing and basic tasks at my dad’s work. It’s an income I could never live off, so I’ve spent sleepless nights wondering what to do with my life.

For now, I’ve started a blog to connect with people in similar situations. It’s a time where we have to stick together and encourage each other to see the light beyond the tunnel and keep working at finding out who we want to be and what we want to do.

Check out Young and Twenty’s blog youngandtwenty.com

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I'm an aspiring writer and filmmaker in my twenties. I also run a blog where twenty-somethings share their stories and advice on beginning a career in this economy. Check it out at http://twentysomethingsblog.com

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  1. Great post and something that as you say a lot of people go through after graduating..
    This is why the importance of being strategic about your career is vital and why I started up my little site..

    I’ll check out your blog and let me know if there are any tips I can offer to help you in your career

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