Is living with your parents a wise career decision?

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Is moving back in with your parents after graduating college actually a wise career decision? That’s the question that this New York Times article poses:

It’s Official: The Boomerang Kids Won’t Leave (

The article profiles millennials who returned to their parents’ houses for reasons such as career indecision, student loan debt, and inability to find a job that paid enough. But Adrianne Smith, a 28-year old graduate, was making over $60,000 a year as a behavioral analyst. So why did she move back home?

Smith’s work treating autism inspired her to create a startup where clinics could serve patients in their own homes. She moved back home to save money that could be put towards her startup, developing a website and hiring employees instead of paying rent. And she also began using her sister’s old room as an office.

But what about millennials living at home who don’t have a career plan in mind? Annie Kasinecz, a 27-year-old graduate, did a string of unfulfilling jobs to pay down her student debt. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, a psychologist, praised Kasinecz’s decision to move back home and decide on a more fulfilling career:

Kasinecz, he said, was still searching for the right fit and refusing to settle for anything less. Somewhat counterintuitively, Arnett said, it’s the people most actively involved in this struggle, the ones who at times seem totally lost, who are likely to find their way.

For those of you living with your parents, do you think that it’s helped your career? And for those of you living on your own, do you think that living with your parents would’ve benefitted your career?


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  1. I have mixed feelings about this one…probably because aside from being twenty something, I am also a mom, so the sense of urgency I feel to move out is fueled by the fact that I want to foster my own environment for the little one. But when I think of all the other twenty somethings sitting at home, I think it really depends on what you’re doing there. If you are at home working a bullshit job (that you may hate at the moment), helping to pay rent when possible, constantly scoping internships or job opportunities that are related to your degree I think it’s fine to live at home. However, I think to just be at home refusing to work below the salary you feel your degree entitles you to, not paying your parents any type of rent, and just not doing anything but the bare minimum (which I think in this case would be applying for jobs related to your degree) then your sort of lazy. I think with the shape our economy as in, the bare minimum just won’t cut it. It’s not an issue to be staying with your parents, it just becomes an issue when you allow living with your parents to stop you from acting like an adult and pulling their weight. Sometimes I think I’m alone in feeling this way, is it harsh? I don’t know lol

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