Framing youth and inexperience as an advantage

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Last week, I wrote a piece on Chelsea Krost’s blog about ways that millennials could gain professional experience for their first full-time job. This piece by Brian Hart, president of the PR firm Flackable, discusses how millennials could actually use their age and lack of experience to their advantage when they’re searching for jobs:

3 Ways Millennials Can Frame Youth And Inexperience As A Professional Advantage (

One advantage that millennials have over older generations is their knowledge of technology and social media. Hart discusses how he took on the role of managing social media at the companies he worked for, even though it wasn’t part of his job description. He used his knowledge of social media to make himself a more valuable asset to his companies.

Social media helps millennials in another way: branding. Through social media, millennials can create an online brand for themselves as professionals. But social media isn’t the only way that millennials should brand themselves. Hart advises millennials to dress professionally so that they’re perceived as professionals in person and not just online.

Hart also points out that millennials’ youth gives them an energy advantage over their coworkers. This energy advantage leads to more work getting done. So Hart advises millennials to stand out through their superior results. In Hart’s words: “Driving in superior results will make you shine no matter what experience level you are up against.”

Hart’s advice demonstrates that being young and inexperienced in today’s job market isn’t completely bad — it’s actually something we can use to our advantage by highlighting the positives and not dwelling on the negatives.

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  1. I definitely agree Dave, it really is all about the way you frame the situation. It’s the age old, when you are young you have energy but maybe not enough experience but as you get older you have the experience but perhaps not the energy!

    Putting your hand up to work on projects usually works well though

  2. I very much enjoyed the inherent positivity within this piece.

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