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SarahPicThis post was written by Sarah, who works in the biotech industry:

I graduated from UC Davis in 2009 with my BS in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. I chose that major not because I had a definite career path planned out after graduation but because it enthralled me. My choice in degree wasn’t a means to an end; it was an expression of my passion for biology.

People often ask me what I can do with that degree because it sounds so specific. And my answer to them is always anything. I personally have chosen to use it in my career path as a foundation for knowledge in a sales/marketing capacity within the biotech industry, but I could have chosen a myriad of other paths for myself.

I don’t like to live life in a straight line. After graduating college, I moved down to sunny San Diego and promptly got busy figuring out everything I did not want to do with my life. I went back to school and became a Medical Assistant, with the intention of gaining experience before applying to PA school. While looking for MA jobs, I discovered that the economy is not kind to a new grad without experience. I later deserted that dream and immersed myself into the life of working in the restaurant industry while I figured it all out.

I lost myself. I found myself. And after more than four years of delaying the start of my career, I was ready to start again.

In February of this year, I accepted a position in Customer Service for a company that specializes in creating diagnostic tools for liquid cancers — leukemias, lymphomas, and other blood disorders. Personalized molecular medicine is our focus, and it is incredible to be a part of an organization that is doing such groundbreaking work. We are helping to contribute to the advancement of medicine, helping to better the prognosis for cancer patients, and I (in my small way) get to help in all of this too. We are, at best, a medium-sized company, which means I get to fulfill a lot of roles and wear a lot of hats.

Every single day, I focus on showing up. I try to bring my best, and to do my best, in any way I possibly can — inside and outside the office. I say yes. I help out wherever possible. I know that hard work is the only thing that will get me the results I want and make me into to the person I want to become. It is my dream to someday inspire others — to become a source of motivation and proof that anything is possible.

The older I get, and the more I discover about myself, I realize that I have absolutely no idea of exactly what I want to do. I embrace my passions, and I know what makes me tick, but I have no designs about where I will end up. I love working in the biotech industry, and I also love writing and cultivating my blog. Most of all, I love working with people and helping those around me in any way possible. I am at my absolute happiest when I feel that I have changed someone’s life for the better, or have made even the tiniest impact on their day.

So, if you take away anything from this post, I hope you remember that it’s never too late to be what you might have been, or to start anew.

Dream big.

Check out Sarah’s blog Twenty-Everything

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