Nobody Likes You When You’re A Millennial


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This post was written by Dolly, a UCSB graduate and an aspiring lawyer: 

Some days, I wake up feeling like a barista-designed agave latte, ready to awaken the senses and release my potential. And some days, it’s gas station coffee. Welcome to my rarely lavish, mostly ludicrous, twenty-something life.

The other day, I thought about the weird urge I felt to have every part of my life planned out and why I was feeling so anxious to get all my ducks in line. I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling of being behind. It was like waiting for the light to turn green and I was at a yellow. And that got me thinking about the little things in my life that were shaping how I expected the big things to occur in turn.

When people have become so accessible and immediate attention is the norm rather than the exception, the idea of having to wait for something that we want leaves us in a state of unsettling disappointment. With read receipts on texts and FB chat, instant notifications of who is liking your photos, and apps like Snapchat to update your friends with the current, patience has approached an almost idyllic state.

Now, imagine growing accustomed to this type of speed and self-updating mode of life. How are we to reconcile the fact that our professional lives can’t keep up with the speed of our social lives? I think the most common mistake we make is confusing the immediate access we are granted in the social realm of life with the time and effort we need to put in to recognize any meaningful changes in the professional realm. Not all hope is lost, however, so long as you can consciously distinguish between the two.

Also adding to this dilemma of where I stand as a twenty-something is the new slogan of the century: Nobody Likes You When You’re A Millennial. If you were born between 1980-2000, and reading this blog, you’re probably in your twenties and considered a Millennial — welcome to the club!

But we’ve heard both sides of the M word, I’m sure. Some have considered this generation an infestation of a better era. We are a culture obsessed with good lighting and even better angles, diseased by things like SMAD, a.k.a. Social Media Anxiety Disorder, and miss life because we are living behind our i-everything-screens. We are entitled, selfish, and lazy. Wow, that was so difficult to type. Oh wait, did that make me sound entitled?

Relax, loves, I’m here to say it’s all relative.

Let us not forget that we are also the generation of startups and tech-savvy intelligentsia of hyper-interactive individuals who are redefining the professional and social landscape. Never before has the world been more coaxed by such an alluring class of people who beckon opportunity and create their own advancement.

After all, we are the ones who have gotten our politicians to TWEET, garnered worldwide attention to political movements using social media we invented, and use the daily to bring change we want to see — and effectively — at lightning speed.

Just the other day, NPR announced that there are 80 million of us. What does that mean? It means we’ve outnumbered the baby boomers, and we now comprise one of the fastest growing demographics in this nation. Studies have shown that Millennials are, on the whole, a progressive, optimistic, and driven group of self-identifying individuals who are proud of their work and want to spread that work around.

Feel lost. Feel behind. Feel what you may. But do not feel like we are a lost generation of self-absorbed know-it-alls who only care about Selfie Nation. Trust in the power your peers hold and the potential this generation is creating and sustaining for itself. We are part of something much bigger than our immediate-response-trained minds may be able to understand right now, but time is in our favor. No one controls your time but you, so use it like a Millennial with purpose.

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  1. itsdollydarling

    Thank you for the share! You have a wonderful blog and I hope all twenty somethings out there find the inspiration/encouragement we could all use a little more of from your page.

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