What successful people were doing at 25


Oprah in her 20s (Photo credit: YouTube/OWN TV)

Last week’s guest post discussed how, in this age of technology where everything’s fast and instant, we expect professional success to come instantly as well.

And it doesn’t help that we’re constantly seeing and hearing about exceptional young athletes, musicians, and actors who have all achieved high levels of success before their mid-20s.

But not everyone who became successful had their careers figured out by their mid-20s, as this Business Insider article proves:

What 18 Extremely Successful People Were Doing At Age 25 (businessinsider.com)

Today, Mark Cuban is a billionaire who is owner of the Dallas Mavericks and one of the “sharks” on Shark Tank. But at 25, he was a bartender who was living with six guys in a three-bedroom apartment, where he slept on the floor. Despite his small beginnings, he still dreamed big. While driving around, he used to look at the big houses and wonder what it was like to live there: that became his motivation to succeed.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was a salesman for Xerox when he was 25. Schultz wrote about how his Xerox job prepared him for his future: “I learned more there than in college about the worlds of work and business. They trained me in sales, marketing, and presentation skills, and I walked out with a healthy sense of self-esteem.” So there’s always something you can learn from a job, even ones that are entry level.

Could you ever imagine someone as iconic as Oprah Winfrey getting fired? Well, it happened: when Oprah was 23, she was fired was fired from the 6pm news slot at Baltimore’s WJZ-TV. But she bounced back, and at 24, she became the co-host of the local talk show People Are Talking. So if you lose your job, know that you’re in good company and that your persistence and hard work will help you overcome this setback.

Check out the article for other stories of what successful people were doing in their mid-20s. And next time you hear about Jennifer Lawrence or Taylor Swift or anyone else who became wildly successful in their teens or early 20s, don’t feel discouraged. It’s fine not to have your career figured out by your mid-20s: you’re only a few years out of college. With dedication, persistence, and hard work, you’ll eventually find success.

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  1. This is very inspirational! There’s hope! 🙂
    Thank you for posting this.

  2. Great post!

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