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I’ve written a lot on this blog about finding a job, but what about leaving one? This great post from Rockstar in Training demonstrates the right way to resign from a job: with respect and appreciation for what that job taught you.

The Rockstar Diaries

For the last two months, I have been working for Sansone Toyota as their Delivery Coordinator. In short, I take people to their car after its purchased and show them how to work everything from their Bluetooth to their windshield wipers. It has been a great job, a distraction and a paycheck. But, now I’m ready to move on and give my two weeks notice. To say I felt and probably looked like a deer in headlights was an understatement.

Before I even thought about resigning, I made sure my job at PwC was definite. I had an offer letter, all my 401K and insurance information as well as a start date. With all of those pieces to the PwC puzzle, I felt confident it was time to give my two weeks notice. I had never resigned from a job before so this was completely new territory. Based off of…

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moral of the story

“Think of networking like dating.”

“Keep knocking on doors. No doesn’t mean no, it just means not right now.”

“You can’t know what your destination is.”

I recently attended a Career Centre panel discussion on “Discovering Careers in Non-Profit, Charitable, Non-Governmental, and Social Justice Organizations.” While I was there, I was inspired and surprised by what I heard.

There were six great panelists, with backgrounds as diverse as commerce, medieval history, environmental studies, communications, sociology, and political science.

Given that diversity, it’s no surprise that the first lesson to emerge was…

“Don’t let your degree define you – you define the degree.”

A degree is just one part of your journey. There is no perfect degree for landing your dream job. Really. It’s more likely that you will have a non-linear career path filled with jobs or experiences that might not seem directly related to your goals.

If you’re feeling directionless…

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One Guy's Journey

[Jas’ note: I’m thrilled to welcome Niki Ianni, a fellow Temple University alum, to the blog with a great and timely post.]

Six months ago to the day, I put on my new Macy’s clearance rack suit, smoothed my hair, double-checked my briefcase for all the basics and took a deep breath as I walked confidently into the next phase of my life – the start of my post-graduate career.

The all-nighter study sessions, thousands of draft edits and hundreds of internship hours… everything I worked for in the past four years had finally paid off. While getting here had not been an easy feat, full of dozens of applications, gallons of coffee and the occasional mental breakdown…with hard work and determination, I secured my dream job working as a public relations specialist at the largest animal protection organization in the country.

For those who are preparing to…

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