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What successful people were doing at 25


Oprah in her 20s (Photo credit: YouTube/OWN TV)

Last week’s guest post discussed how, in this age of technology where everything’s fast and instant, we expect professional success to come instantly as well.

And it doesn’t help that we’re constantly seeing and hearing about exceptional young athletes, musicians, and actors who have all achieved high levels of success before their mid-20s.

But not everyone who became successful had their careers figured out by their mid-20s, as this Business Insider article proves:

What 18 Extremely Successful People Were Doing At Age 25 ( Read the rest of this entry

Making the most of an internship


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We’ve all heard the stereotypes of interns being forced to do menial tasks like fetching the coffee, but internships can actually be a great launching pad for your career. My article on Chelsea Krost’s blog shares four things you should consider when you’re finding an internship:

What You Should Consider When Choosing An Internship (

Thanks to Chelsea Krost for publishing my guest post. And if you haven’t already, please check out my previous guest post on Chelsea’s blog, Top 6 Ways To Gain Experience Before Your First Job.

Are millennials ruining this country?

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

In a letter to Ask Stacy, a reader (referred to only as “C”) calls millennials “a danger to the financial security of this country and workforce security.”

C even likens working with millennials to working with alcoholics  — in that they let personal problems get in the way of their work — and accuses their parents of enabling them:

Ask Stacy: The Millennials Are Ruining This Country. What Can We Do? ( Read the rest of this entry

How to gain experience for your first job

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As a job seeker, I was often frustrated by the catch-22 that you need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience. But then I realized that you don’t necessarily need a job to get experience.

So I wrote a guest post on Chelsea Krost’s blog about alternative ways that young job seekers could get the experience they need for their first full-time job:

Top 6 Ways To Gain Experience Before Your First Job (

Special thanks to Chelsea Krost for publishing this post. And I hope that if you’re searching for your first job, this post will help you become a more competitive candidate.

20something profile: Lauren

IMG_2381This post was written by Lauren, who runs a blog about 20-somethings:

As soon as I stepped on campus at Elon University, I knew that I wanted to be in the communications building soaking up wisdom and inspiration from the myriad of amazing professors with powerhouse résumés.

For me, the years flew by in a stream of lectures, weekends, friends, internships, and experiences. The day I graduated, I had a plan and was on my way to a flawless execution…until life happened. Read the rest of this entry

How to handle money in your 20s


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Even billionaires made mistakes with their finances when they were our age. In this Business Insider piece, nine financially successful people share what they wish they had known about money when they were in their twenties:

What 9 Successful People Wish They’d Known About Money In Their 20s (

Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, advises twenty-somethings to prioritize learning new skills over earning a high salary. While learning new job skills might not pay off in the short term, it’ll lead to career growth over the long term. Read the rest of this entry

When you take your career seriously

IMG_1526This post was written by Cheryl, whose 20something profile you can read here:

I had a moment, a few mornings ago.

Since I’ve taken my writing far more seriously, a lot of opportunities have been coming out of the woodwork. And I couldn’t be happier about that fact.

I wasn’t taking myself seriously enough in my career and industry, thinking that I didn’t have a degree, so all the opportunities that came my way were just lucky. There is a degree of being in the right place at the right time, BUT that “right place” often finds you working. I took myself lightly, and with a glib wave of a hand, saying “someday” and so, everyone around me listened. Until one day I decided differently and acted differently.

What happens when you treat distant dreams as realistic things that might come true?  Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Cheryl

DSC_5497-2-2This post was written by Cheryl, a writer, photographer, and activist:

You might say I did everything the wrong way.

I went to university, racked up credit card debt I couldn’t pay off, took out student loans and then, without any guarantees on the horizon, I left university.

I went in fall 2005, majoring first in History before switching to major in Sociology.

Sitting on the top floors of the library at Brock University, I was overcome with anxiety and dread because I couldn’t run from the idea of leaving anymore. I wrote myself a letter on the blank back pages of lecture slides from the statistics class I was skipping (I still have it). Read the rest of this entry

Job seekers: Be proactive!


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I recently came across a video series on NYC Media about finding jobs. While I’m sure that each of the videos contains great information about the job hunt, I wanted to focus on the video that’s most relevant to me and other young professionals out there: Gen Y School to Career

This video features the executive director of NYU’s career center and a senior career advisor at Baruch College, as well as millennial workplace expert Lindsay Pollack: people who certainly know what they’re talking about when it comes to young adults and finding jobs.   Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Christian

This post was written by Christian, who shares her strategy guide for being in your twenties:

Start in a Position of Power

Congratulations! You’re poised for some self-discovery. Maybe you got the right grades. You probably got into a great school. Maybe you’ve embarked on starting your own business or beginning your dream career. Yay, accomplishments!

No one’s capable of messing up without something to ruin. Rev your engines at the starting line. Right now it’s all sunshine and a course paved in translucent rainbows. Be equipped with optimism, energy, and a competitive spirit. You’ll need it.


And so, your journey to the podium starts. Read the rest of this entry