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20something profile: Jef

Work profile photoThis post was written by Jef, who is on the path to career success and taking others with him:

The year of your college graduation and what you studied

I am a young, ambitious and entrepreneurial 24-year-old from Sydney, Australia; yes, I do probably have a funny accent :). I graduated college, or university as we call it here down under, in 2011 with a degree in Bachelor of Business and Commerce. I majored in Human Resources and Organisational Development, sub majored in Accounting, and also a sub in Advanced Business Leadership (sounds fancy, right?).

This was from the University of Western Sydney; while it wasn’t the highest ranked university in Aus, I met some awesome people and enjoyed my time at the school. Read the rest of this entry

Starting out in nonprofits

Action Without Borders

Photo credit: Wikipedia

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of being passionate about your career. Nonprofits are especially known for containing people who are passionate and dedicated to the causes they serve.

But even in the nonprofit world, passion isn’t likely to get you a job if you don’t have the skills and experience to accompany it. This post in Idealist Careers lists ways to build those skills and experience:

Beyond passion: How to gain experience that will make you irresistible to nonprofits (

The author advises nonprofit career-seekers to not restrict themselves to a specific cause when searching for a job. Even if a job isn’t related to their cause, they’ll still gain pertinent skills: Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Megan

129This post was written by Megan, who dreams of being an art administrator:

Unlike most people whom have created 20something profiles, I am still in college. I am just about to start my senior year, and I hope to be graduating soon with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and a minor in music. Or, like my father likes to call it, a BS* degree, meaning in the real world, a degree does not get you very far anymore.

I have been dreaming and preparing for my career since sophomore year in high school, and I owe a lot of that to my parents. My dream is to be an art administrator working in marketing at a major symphony orchestra. Once I got to college, I quickly figured out that just a degree and joining a couple of clubs was not going to make me get a decent job right out of college. I set to work. Read the rest of this entry

Are unpaid internships fair?

Black Swan (film)

Black Swan (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This New York Times article discusses how two production interns on the movie Black Swan won a lawsuit against Fox Searchlight Pictures claiming they should have been paid for their work:

Judge Rules That Movie Studio Should Have Been Paying Interns (

Despite the seeming prestige of working on an Academy Award-winning film, the interns who filed the lawsuit were tasked with menial administrative duties, like getting lunch orders, taking out the trash, and assembling furniture.

I personally have mixed feelings about internships. They could be a great way to break into an industry, make valuable networking connections, and form a bond with a company that could eventually hire you as a paid employee. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Nick

image001This profile was written by Nick, who works as a Business Intelligence Developer:

I started college as a fresh-faced 18 year old in the fall of 2003. I had a scholarship to a local private college, and I was ready to make my mark on the world. Unfortunately, my grand plans ultimately failed when I failed 3 classes and lost my scholarship. It took me a long time to get the motivation to go back to school, but when I did, I achieved much better results.

I started college for the second time in the spring of 2009. Initially I decided that I wanted to get a degree in Economics, but that didn’t last long. Next I switched my major to Finance, Computer Science, and finally Information Systems; along with my Information Systems degree, I specialized in Business Intelligence. Read the rest of this entry

Succeeding at job interviews

This article from Guardian Jobs provides advice from several career experts on how to do well in an interview:

Job interview tips: expert advice for graduates (

Interviews have always been tricky for me. You’re going into a new place, while having to sustain a conversation with a person (or people) you’ve never met before. You don’t know what questions they’ll ask or how they’ll react to your answers. Some people thrive in these situations, but for me, it’s always a problem when there’s so much I can’t control.

But for all the things you can’t control, there are things that you can. Like your familiarity with the company you’re applying for. You have to convince interviewers not only that you want the job, but that you want the job in their organization. So you have to gain as much knowledge as possible about that organization and find reasons that you want to work there, as opposed to someplace else.

Read the rest of this entry

Young adults as entrepreneurs

The most fascinating thing I’ve found from doing this blog is how twenty-somethings are eschewing the more “traditional” path of applying for jobs, and are instead creating their own opportunities that make full use of their passions, talents, and ideas.

Just a few years ago, I thought the path to success was to graduate college and then get a job. But the economy has made it so challenging for twenty-somethings to find employment, and the jobs that are available don’t always make the most of their skills and education.

This article discusses a movement to end youth unemployment by encouraging young adults how to start their own businesses:

Can Entrepreneurship Fix the Epidemic of Youth Unemployment? ( Read the rest of this entry