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Millennials doing worse than expected after college

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Photo credit: conducted a survey where they asked around 800 twenty-somethings whether their post-college lives were better or worse than what they had expected. The majority of those surveyed — 73% of women and 53% of men — felt that they were doing worse than expected in their careers, savings, or living situations:

Most Millennials Are Doing Worse Than Expected After College ( Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Michael

Me & PenguinsThis post was written by Michael, a fiction writer:

When I graduated high school, I was unsure of what I wanted to study. I liked foreign languages and linguistics. I liked reading too. But above all, I liked writing fiction, and I knew I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else.

So, I took French and Italian, two languages I already had some experience in. I took German, something that had fascinated me for years. I also took courses in political science and Persian and astronomy. My philosophy for university was simple: study things that interest me, and the rest will sort itself out. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Unexpected Wanderlust



This post was written by Amile, Lucia, Elias, and Hamilton, who are 20-something travel bloggers:

What are your career aspirations, and what have you done to fulfill those aspirations?

Amile: I would like to try out both teaching and social work and then whichever one I like more, I would go to grad school for. I’ve been tutoring in after-school programs throughout my life and have been working at my college’s Financial Aid office this semester where a good portion of my job is counseling on difficult financial issues. It is very challenging, but I love it.

Lucia: I’ve always wanted to work for a nonprofit organization, but the more I’ve gotten into that world, the more I’ve realized how complicated it is. I’d love to find an organization I truly believe in and whose practices are conscious, which is not that easy. I’d also love to work on community projects but more from a grassroots approach. Read the rest of this entry

Are millennials bad at dating?

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Do college students really need a course in dating? This article discusses why such a course might be important for millennials, who are avoiding long-term relationships:

Why College Students Need a Class in Dating (

Erika Christakis, a former co-master at one Harvard’s student residence halls, states that the college students she interacted with were so focused on resume building and career preparation that they didn’t think they had a time for a long-term relationship. Read the rest of this entry

Student becomes homeless to afford college

Photo credit: Jake Stevens

Photo credit: Jake Stevens

Jake Stevens is a 19-year-old mechanical engineering student at Kettering University. In order to afford his college tuition, he has eliminated an expense that most of us would consider a necessity: housing.

Homeless college student ditches housing to afford tuition (

So where does he sleep? In the computer lab, at a friend’s house, at his fraternity. His program alternates three-month periods of schooling with three-month periods of full-time employment, and when he’s working, his employer provides him with free housing. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Young and Twenty

graduates-black-white-17202377This post was written by Young and Twenty, who discusses her post-college confusion:

It’s officially been a year since I graduated from college. I earned my diploma after two years of studying Media Communications and was sent into a world that promised to hire us. Our teachers insisted the economy needs people with our knowledge, whether it be marketing, social media, etc.

I felt confident graduating until I realized I only know a little bit about a lot of topics. I didn’t specialize in anything, and in the end, I was left lost and confused on the direction I wanted to proceed. Read the rest of this entry

Are you better off graduating in a recession?


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I’m sure that not many recent graduates have thought, Thank God I’m graduating during a recession! But graduating in a rough economic period might actually be a blessing in disguise — at least according to this Yahoo Finance article:

Why You’re Better Off Graduating in a Recession (

The article cites a study that analyzed government surveys of job satisfaction and found that people who graduate in a recession are more satisfied with their jobs because they’re grateful to even have a job, instead of questioning whether they could’ve done better. Read the rest of this entry

Millennials take action against low wages

Fast Food Strike: Union Square, NYC 29.08.2013

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CNN Money recently published an article discussing the role that millennials are playing in the movement to increase wages at low-paying jobs:

Millennials turn up heat against low wages (

This article describes how recent graduates have to pay off their student loans while they’re stuck in low-paying jobs. To ease their financial burdens, millennials are taking action by joining protests and holding rallies to increase their wages. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Kali

profileThis post was written by Kali, who wants to be a professional writer:

As practical and sensible as I am most of the time, I’ve certainly had my moments where I became caught up in some very wishful thinking. Choosing to work for a Bachelor of Arts in history with a minor in professional writing right as the American economy tanked in 2008 was one of those wishful moments.

Despite the fact that I was witnessing the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, I told myself I’d be fine with my degree in humanities from a small university. I knew I wanted to be paid to write somehow, because writing was what I loved most.  Read the rest of this entry

Job seekers: Keep your heads up

Going through a job search myself, I know how frustrating and alienating it can get, which is why I was glad to find this great piece of advice in an MSN Careers article:

Searching for a job can be difficult and lonely. You may interview with dozens of companies, never to hear from them again, and you may experience many unreturned phone calls as well. In the midst of all this adversity, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude and an upbeat outlook. Becoming discouraged only works against you.

As individuals, we can’t change the economy or the enormous competition we’re up against. But we can try our best to remain hopeful and keep persevering.