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Why millennials value volunteering

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Despite stereotypes of being self-absorbed and apathetic, millennials actually care more about volunteering than older generations — at least according to a poll that the Associated Press and GfK conducted. This poll finds that people under 30 are more likely to say that citizens have a “very important” obligation to volunteer.

Why is volunteering so important to millennials? Perhaps because so many of them grew up in a culture that encouraged and even required volunteer work. For 24-year-old Morgan Gress, community service was required at her high school, and there were numerous opportunities to volunteer at her college. Read the rest of this entry


Nobody Likes You When You’re A Millennial


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This post was written by Dolly, a UCSB graduate and an aspiring lawyer: 

Some days, I wake up feeling like a barista-designed agave latte, ready to awaken the senses and release my potential. And some days, it’s gas station coffee. Welcome to my rarely lavish, mostly ludicrous, twenty-something life.

The other day, I thought about the weird urge I felt to have every part of my life planned out and why I was feeling so anxious to get all my ducks in line. I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling of being behind. It was like waiting for the light to turn green and I was at a yellow. And that got me thinking about the little things in my life that were shaping how I expected the big things to occur in turn. Read the rest of this entry

Millennial activist swims with sharks


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You wouldn’t think that sharks need to be protected, but 29-year-old marine activist Ocean Ramsey is setting out to change that notion. Millennial magazine profiles Ramsey’s efforts to protect sharks and give their their image as savage killers a much-needed overhaul:

Marine Activist Ocean Ramsey Fights the War on Sharks (

It’s estimated that humans kill 100 million sharks each year. One reason why sharks are killed is for their fins, which are used to make shark fin soup. Though shark fin soup isn’t tasty or healthy, it’s perceived as a status symbol in mainland China, where customers pay up to $100 per bowl. Read the rest of this entry

Are millennials ruining this country?

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

In a letter to Ask Stacy, a reader (referred to only as “C”) calls millennials “a danger to the financial security of this country and workforce security.”

C even likens working with millennials to working with alcoholics  — in that they let personal problems get in the way of their work — and accuses their parents of enabling them:

Ask Stacy: The Millennials Are Ruining This Country. What Can We Do? ( Read the rest of this entry

My move to NYC

Two months ago, I moved to New York City for graduate school. I wrote a piece on my experiences in the city for Twenty Something Living. Special thanks to Lindsay and Lauren of Twenty Something Living for publishing my piece. (I’ll be featuring a 20something profile of Lauren later this week.)

From the Suburbs to New York City: My Move to the Big Apple (

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Boomerang Kids: A Photo Essay

Photo credit: Damon Casarez

Photo credit: Damon Casarez

A few months ago, I wrote a post on a New York Times piece about millennials moving back in with their parents after graduating college. While my post focused on the article’s text, the article also contained a collection of photographs featuring young adults who were living in their parents’ homes again:

“Hi Mom, I’m Home!” (

The photographer, Damon Cesarez, was inspired to take these photos by his own experience of moving back in with his parents because of student loan debt. Each photo lists its subject’s student loan debt, along with their names, ages, hometowns, degrees, career goals, current jobs, and quotes from their interviews. Read the rest of this entry

My trip to Israel

DSCN0413I just returned home from Israel, and it was an extraordinary experience. I learned about Israeli history and culture, explored beautiful places, and met amazing people. Among the highlights of my trip: riding camels in the desert, rafting in the Jordan River, visiting the Western Wall, and witnessing a flood in the desert.

On the plane home, I watched a movie called The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The main character starts off as being meek and bland. He never does anything interesting with his life but constantly fantasizes about being a man of action and adventure. When his job is placed in jeopardy, though, he’s forced to take an adventure that ultimately turns him into the man he fantasizes about being. Read the rest of this entry

Destination: Israel

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I won’t be updating my blog for the next 2-3 weeks because I’ll be going on vacation. I’m participating in the Birthright Israel program, which gives Jewish young adults between the ages of 18 and 26 a free 10-day trip to Israel.

This will be quite the new experience for me: the only country I’ve ever been to (outside of the US) is Canada. It’s also the first time that I’m vacationing without friends or family, though I’ll be traveling with a group of young adults.

I’ve had several young adults write on this blog about their experiences traveling around the world. They discuss how their travels have broadened their perspectives by opening their minds to new ideas and cultures. Read the rest of this entry

How Generation Y will transform the workplace

A typical modern office

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Our generation has only begun entering the workforce, but as older generations retire, we will eventually become the dominant generation in the workplace.

This interesting article describes how the traditions and values of Generation Y will transform the workplace in Canada:

The six ways Generation Y will transform the workplace  ( Read the rest of this entry

Millennials: Changing the world


Some of the extraordinary millennials spotlighted in the Huffington Post’s article (Photo credit: Huffington Post)

At 20somethings in 2014, I like to spotlight millennials who are making difference and disproving the stereotype that millennials are selfish and narcissistic.

So I was glad to find this Huffington Post article spotlighting seven millennials whose innovations are changing the world:

7 Millennials Who Are Too Busy Changing The World To Take Selfies  ( Read the rest of this entry