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My move to NYC

Two months ago, I moved to New York City for graduate school. I wrote a piece on my experiences in the city for Twenty Something Living. Special thanks to Lindsay and Lauren of Twenty Something Living for publishing my piece. (I’ll be featuring a 20something profile of Lauren later this week.)

From the Suburbs to New York City: My Move to the Big Apple (

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Grad student lives in van to avoid debt


Photo credit: Ken Ilgunas

How far would you go to avoid student debt? For one graduate student, the answer to that question was to live in a van:

Duke Grad Student Secretly Lived In a Van to Escape Loan Debt (

After struggling to pay his undergraduate loans, Ken Ilgunas wanted to return to school but didn’t want to accumulate any more debt. So after he enrolled at Duke University, he bought a $1,500 1994 Ford Econoline, parked it in a remote parking lot, and lived there for two years. Read the rest of this entry

Unusual master’s degree programs

Candidate for a master's degree in Puppet Arts? (Photo credit:

Candidate for a master’s degree in Puppetry Arts? (Photo credit:

Have you ever wanted to get a degree in Puppetry Arts? Or go to graduate school to study Meat Science?

Graduate Degree Program has provided a list of unusual master’s degree programs, including the schools they’re taught at, tuition costs, and admission requirements.

Among the unconventional graduate programs are Gaming and Casino Management, Blacksmithing, Turfgrass Management, and Grain Science.

The article also lists celebrities who have surprising graduate degrees, including Dolph Lundgren (a.k.a. Ivan Drago in Rocky IV), who has a master’s in chemical engineering! Read the rest of this entry

Choose your own adventure

Joanne's childhood book collection FTW

Joanne’s childhood book collection FTW (Photo credit: Jeff Van Campen)

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books that we read as children? (If you want to do x, turn to page 38; if you want to do y, turn to page 57.)

Well, Online Colleges has its own Choose Your Own Adventure-style feature for choosing whether to go to graduate school:

The Great Grad School Debate: Should you go or should you stay? (

Even if you’re not considering graduate school, this feature is a fun throwback to your childhood days, albeit with more realism. (Instead of searching for mystical artifacts, you’re dealing with loans and tuition.) Read the rest of this entry

Best and worst graduate degrees

With the economy still rough, college graduates are turning to graduate school to get more advanced degrees, which would presumably lead to more success in finding a job.

But while we might equate a graduate degree with a better chance of employment and a higher-paying job, different graduate degrees have different rates of success in the job market.

Here’s an infographic (courtesy of Graduate Degree Program) that states which areas of study are doing the best and the worst in terms of salary and employment outlook: Read the rest of this entry