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Lawyer quits with artistic departure memo

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Ever feel that your job is holding you back from what you truly want to do in life? Then you should read this creative departure memo that a New York City lawyer wrote when she quit her job at a law firm to become an illustrator:

My life in law (a short story)

As is fitting for an illustrator, this former lawyer’s departure memo is filled with beautifully drawn illustrations that show the stress and unhappiness that her job as a lawyer caused her. These pictures also illustrate her struggle to be an artist in her spare time when her job was constantly demanding her attention. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Adam

imageThis post was written by Adam, who graduated with a degree in International Affairs:

Phrases are the gap in my knowledge.

But one has resonated since I graduated: “This is where the rubber meets the road,” said to me around the time of my graduation in August of last year. At that point, I didn’t know why the tires weren’t on the road in the first place, but now it has become clear.

Let’s be real. We aren’t real people until debates about tax reform suddenly seem relevant. One may know some of the basic principles of economics from a sophomore course in micro, but until you’ve lost $1,400 in purchasing power over the next fiscal year due to taxes, you don’t really get it. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Mike

My name is Mike, and I am a native of Northern New Jersey. In the fall of 2010, I graduated from the University of Tampa. I graduated in 3.5 years; my major was Criminology. While enrolled in college, I participated in internships with the State Attorney’s Office of Hillsborough County, Florida; the Fort Lee, NJ Police Department; and the Mahwah, NJ Police Department.

These internships definitely were the foundation for my interest and passion with respect to criminal law. I initially endeavored to join law enforcement; yet, after massive consideration, I decided to pursue law because I felt that law had more opportunities and experiences to offer than law enforcement.

Read the rest of this entry