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The Black Oracle

Michael, a fiction writer, wrote a 20something profile last year. His book The Black Oracle is now available for purchase. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Humans, you are not alone.

The_Black_Oracle_Cover“Joachim is a hunter in the jungle of a post-apocalyptic Earth. Though generations have passed since the Great Death, something has evolved in the trees beyond the giant glowing mushrooms, mutants that want to see human entrails spread along the jungle floor.

And now they’ve taken Joachim’s wife.

To get her back, Joachim will have to give the leader of these demons something in return: immortality. A creature knows when he is going to die, after all. Plunged into a world of magic and darkness, Joachim must find the only woman who knows where the ingredients are. She is a prophetess known as the Black Oracle living in the realm of Zalm, but she’s a little preoccupied at the moment. She leads a rebellion against the ruthless High Council, and when Joachim seeks her out, he too finds himself consumed by her struggle. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Emily

image001This post was written by Emily, a writer, blogger, and avid coffee drinker:

Most mornings I make myself some coffee, toast a bagel, and wonder what the heck I’m doing with my life. For someone who has settled into a comfortable home and a comfortable career, it sounds like an ideal morning. But for someone who still needs something to look forward to in the day? That’s all I live for.

I graduated this past June from Knox College in central Illinois — small, liberal arts, cornfields for miles — and studied English Literature with a minor in Religious Studies. Moving from my home in sunny, busy California to the countryside of Illinois was a big change, but it was a change I accepted wholeheartedly. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Michael

Me & PenguinsThis post was written by Michael, a fiction writer:

When I graduated high school, I was unsure of what I wanted to study. I liked foreign languages and linguistics. I liked reading too. But above all, I liked writing fiction, and I knew I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else.

So, I took French and Italian, two languages I already had some experience in. I took German, something that had fascinated me for years. I also took courses in political science and Persian and astronomy. My philosophy for university was simple: study things that interest me, and the rest will sort itself out. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Daniella

grad picThis post was written by Daniella, who is passionate about writing and helping students:

After three years of studying English with Creative Writing, I finally graduated in July 2013. The whole day felt like a dream, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best days of my life. I had overcome so much to stay at university, and I left believing that the world owed me something. How wrong I was.

I got more and more depressed over a three month period, and I had days where I didn’t leave the house. The job centre was demoralizing, and I felt like my life was slowly falling apart.

Ever since I can remember, all I wanted to do was write. Read the rest of this entry

All My Friends Are Engaged

91-SOCkX89L._SL1500_Jen Glantz, who wrote a 20something profile almost a year ago, recently released an e-book called All My Friends Are Engaged. This is what she had to say about the book:

Sometimes it’s hard to escape. You’ll open up a fresh webpage and load your Facebook newsfeed, look down at a text message that’s over accessorized in exclamation points, bump into an old friend on the street just to find out—again and again—that all your friends are engaged.

In my life, this started to become somewhat of a trend the year after I graduated from college. While I was hopping from job to job, from state to state, from terrible first date to back home on my couch with a pint of ice cream, a lot of my friends were cozying up to charming men they had somehow been lucky enough to meet. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Caitlyn

linkedinThis post was written by Caitlyn, who moved to a new city to begin her career:

When my last semester of college rolled around, I had two goals: make the last weeks count & graduate with a job. By the time I walked across the stage in May 2012 with my degree in Communications & English, I had applied to 100+ jobs in PR and marketing, located in any city on Earth (if Saturn had entry-level positions, I wouldn’t have been opposed). And was jobless.

I walked out of my graduation ceremony, where our university’s director of media relations found me & asked me to give an interview with a C-SPAN reporter. One of the first questions was what my plans were and in my answer I made sure to mention what fields I was interested in. Read the rest of this entry

Make the most of unemployment

Cover of "Post Grad"

Photo credit: Amazon

Shortly after I graduated college, I watched the movie Post-Grad (check out the preview on YouTube). I hadn’t heard great things about it, but it interested me that there was a movie about somebody who had just graduated, had no job, and had to move back into her parents’ house — which was also my situation.

Post-Grad wasn’t a great movie, but what I really liked about it was how the main character (played by Gilmore Girls’ Alexis Bledel) had this master plan of what her life was going to be like: win a scholarship into college, get great grades, and score a coveted job at an esteemed publishing company.

And the plan works…to a point. Bledel’s character gets the scholarship and graduates college with a high GPA. But then she blows her interview at the publishing firm and loses the job to her rival. She’s forced to move back in with her parents and struggles to find work despite her previous academic success. Read the rest of this entry