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Why millennials value volunteering

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Despite stereotypes of being self-absorbed and apathetic, millennials actually care more about volunteering than older generations — at least according to a poll that the Associated Press and GfK conducted. This poll finds that people under 30 are more likely to say that citizens have a “very important” obligation to volunteer.

Why is volunteering so important to millennials? Perhaps because so many of them grew up in a culture that encouraged and even required volunteer work. For 24-year-old Morgan Gress, community service was required at her high school, and there were numerous opportunities to volunteer at her college. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Samantha

sunflowerThis post was written by Samantha, who turned to unpaid work to build her experience:

When it comes to entering the job market, you can’t be too picky.

That’s the mistake I made this summer, and I vow to never make it again.

Going into the field of journalism, jobs are particularly scarce when it comes to getting paid to write. So when the summer rolls by, almost everyone in your field of interest is scrolling through the same job postings board and applying for all the things that seem remotely relatable to the degree they are currently working towards. Read the rest of this entry

20something profile: Lauren

LaurenSeidlThis post was written by Lauren, who moved to a new city after graduating:

I can’t believe it’s already been nearly two years since I’ve graduated. I always thought I’d have my life — or at least my career — figured out at this point. But, like so many other graduates, I still have no idea what my future will hold.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in May of 2011 with a degree in English. After graduation, my boyfriend of two years had plans of going to graduate school and wanted me to move with him.

While at first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be “that girl” who just followed her boyfriend around, I eventually warmed up to the idea of moving to a new city with him. That way, even if I struggled to find work, at least I would be somewhere different with someone I loved. Read the rest of this entry