Write a profile

If you are in your twenties and trying to establish a career, this blog would be the ideal place to tell your story. Please write a few paragraphs (around 400-650 words) about yourself that include the following information:

  • The year of your college graduation and what you studied (if applicable)
  • Your career aspirations and your efforts to fulfill those aspirations
  • Your thoughts and opinions about beginning a career in today’s economy

Title your entry with your first name — if you don’t wish to share your first name, please use a pseudonym.

You can also include pictures with your entry (this is optional, but encouraged, as it will help your blog post stand out).

  • If you don’t want to use a picture of yourself, you can use a picture of something that relates to your career goals or to one of your jobs/internships.

Please send your entries (either as a Word attachment or within the body of the e-mail) to twentiesblogger@gmail.com

Also, please note that writing a 20something profile or other type of guest post for this blog is an unpaid opportunity.


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