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LinkedIn photoThis post was written by Taylor, who works at a music tech startup:

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be living 2,000+ miles away from my friends and family and working in the music industry, I probably would have laughed. I love the adventurous part of living in a new place, and having a career in the music field was my ultimate goal. However, after spending my last year of college applying to jobs and seeing no results, I didn’t know how it could happen.

In May of 2012, I graduated from a private liberal arts school in the south with a BA in Communication and minor in Entrepreneurship. I packed up my apartment and embarked on a road trip to my parents’ new home. My parents moved during my senior year, so we now lived 10 hours away from where I grew up. This meant I would have plenty of free time to devote to my job search…

I spent the next four months doing everything you are supposed to do. I reached out to old internship supervisors. I connected with alumni on LinkedIn and asked them for advice. I made trips to different cities to meet with people and conduct informational interviews. I applied to over 75 jobs, and yes, I researched and wrote cover letters for each of these. I did get a few interviews, but nothing seemed to work out.

By then it was October, and I was starting to burn out. Everyone kept telling me something would work out; after all I had experience (I had 5 internships before graduating) and went to a great school. So I decided to stop stressing so much. I started a blog with my unemployed friend Caroline, so we could vent about our situation (and share our love for food). I spent time with my family’s foster dogs and enjoyed the New England fall.

Life was better, but I still wanted a job! For a while I had thought about moving, and one day I decided that’s what I needed to do. So I picked a city that had a great music scene and booming economy and started the process. I found an apartment, a moving company, and a friend to go on a weeklong road trip with me to my new home. Basically everything was all set but the whole job situation. It was a bit crazy, but I am thankful I had parents who supported this decision.

After 2 weeks of living in this new city, I already had a couple interviews and a retail position. I was (under)employed! Fast-forward a month and I had 2 internships, one at a music startup and the other at a social media company. Being away from my support system and missing the holidays with my family was difficult, but I knew I made the right decision for my professional life. I actually want to be in these industries, and I love the work I do.

Balancing these 3 jobs has been difficult, but my work is starting to pay off. One of the internships has turned into a paid position; it’s pretty exciting to have a business card 🙂

I guess my advice to young post-grads would be to take a risk. Whether it’s moving to a new city 2,000+ miles away like I did or quitting your job after realizing that the career path you are on is not working, just do it! Nothing in your life is going to change unless you take action. Sometimes that action might be a little frightening, but the results will be worth it.

LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/pub/taylor-wilson/29/a9b/524

LatteIssues – http://latteissues.wordpress.com/

The Tuning Fork Music – http://thetuningforkmusic.tumblr.com/

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