Student becomes homeless to afford college

Photo credit: Jake Stevens

Photo credit: Jake Stevens

Jake Stevens is a 19-year-old mechanical engineering student at Kettering University. In order to afford his college tuition, he has eliminated an expense that most of us would consider a necessity: housing.

Homeless college student ditches housing to afford tuition (

So where does he sleep? In the computer lab, at a friend’s house, at his fraternity. His program alternates three-month periods of schooling with three-month periods of full-time employment, and when he’s working, his employer provides him with free housing.

Stevens makes $16/hour when he’s working, which goes towards his college education. His parents had set up a college savings fund, but it wasn’t nearly enough to cover Kettering’s tuition. And they couldn’t take out loans because the recession damaged their credit.

But Stevens has found a creative way to make extra income. He sells shirts with the words “I Am Massively In Debt” printed on them on his campus for $10. The shirts sold out by the end of his term, and he actually wore one of those shirts when paying the balance for his tuition.

If you want to read another story of how a student cut down on living expenses to afford his education, you should check out this post about a student who lived in his van to avoid going into debt.

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