Boomerang Kids: A Photo Essay

Photo credit: Damon Casarez

Photo credit: Damon Casarez

A few months ago, I wrote a post on a New York Times piece about millennials moving back in with their parents after graduating college. While my post focused on the article’s text, the article also contained a collection of photographs featuring young adults who were living in their parents’ homes again:

“Hi Mom, I’m Home!” (

The photographer, Damon Cesarez, was inspired to take these photos by his own experience of moving back in with his parents because of student loan debt. Each photo lists its subject’s student loan debt, along with their names, ages, hometowns, degrees, career goals, current jobs, and quotes from their interviews.

One of the subjects discusses her lack of preparedness in taking out student loans. Another subject talks about how she didn’t realize the importance of internships and work experience in finding a job. Some of them discuss how living with their parents and having student loan debt have affected their dating lives.

Cesarez took these photos to humanize millennials who were living with their parents: to show that they weren’t just statistics but individuals, all with their own stories, dreams, and obstacles. These photos, and the quotes that accompany them, do a great job of making us feel for these young adults and their struggles.

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