20something profile: Paige

InterviewThis post was written by Paige, a college senior majoring in marketing:

Hello everyone, I’m Paige Nash, a senior marketing major from Texas Tech University, and I plan to graduate this August.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and I was never quite sure what I wanted to do other than have a fabulous office in a big sky rise building. By getting involved at my high school, the Business Magnet at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center, I found out that business — and more specifically, marketing — was my passion.

I had my first internship at 17 with the American Airlines Center and went on to win Marketing student of the year in 2009. Fast forward 4 years: now I’m a senior again and getting ready to be “real grown up” for the first time.

When people ask me “what’s your dream job,” it always leaves me stumped. Who has the same dream every night? There’s so many directions I could see myself wanting to be a part of. I’d love to work with companies developing marketing campaigns to diverse markets. I still feel like there’s a gap in how underrepresented people are presented in the media, and I’d like to eventually change that.

At my university I do a lot of work with cultural and diversity events determining how to reach diverse populations at our university and keeping them engaged and aware of what our amazing university has to offer. I also work a lot with potential students and high school students in the local area.

My second “recurring dream” is working in the luxury brand sphere. I’d love to work with marketing with luxury brands, hospitality venues, and tourism. Currently I’m a Style Guru Intern with College Fashionista. Last summer, I was a Game On intern for the Game On department of Mosaic Sales Solutions, and I’ve also interned with the marketing department of the Texas Tech Parking Department.

Every year we hear stories about individuals who can’t find jobs or work in their fields. The only thing you can really say to that is Do NOT give up. Keep applying, keep networking, and keep making yourself marketable. Focus on making the best experience wherever you are and bring that to your new position for when the time comes.

It’s kind of like dating someone: you might go out with some duds before you find your soul mate. Just keep putting yourself out there! I went to several career fairs, info sessions, and job boards before I finally found the right fit for me. I’m happy to say that I’m excited to start my new career after graduation with a great company! So even though it gets time-consuming and frustrating, keep pursuing your passion!

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