Finding a fulfilling career

Richard Branson at the Virgin America OC Launch.

Richard Branson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unsatisfied in your job? Then you might want to read this LinkedIn article written by Sir Richard Branson, billionaire and founder of Virgin Group.

In the article, Branson describes how fear prevents people from leaving their jobs, but how that fear can be overcome by believing in yourself, perceiving your career change as a positive opportunity, and never giving up on your dreams.

Accompanying Branson’s article is an short film titled “Becoming Me,” which features the stories of four adults who had successful careers but were miserable because they were unable to find fulfillment in their jobs. 

Changing careers required these people to leave their high-paying positions and reeducate themselves — essentially returning to square one — but they persisted and ended up finding careers that brought them happiness.

For more inspiration, check out this post about a writer for who left a career that she hated when she was about to turn 30. And be sure to remember these motivational words from Branson’s article:

When most people think about taking a risk they associate it with negative connotations, when really they should view it as a positive opportunity. Believe in yourself and back yourself to come out on top.

Whether that means studying a course to enable a change of direction, taking up an entry level position on a career ladder you want to be a part of, or starting your own business — you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try.

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